The divisional command of the United States in Poznan

How did you manage to find the portal Defence.24, the US army plan to transfer the command of the divisional level for action in Europe from Germany to Poland. The move is designed to improve the efficiency of operations. At the same time it is proof that cooperation of Poland with the Americans strengthened, and our country plays a key role on the Eastern flank of NATO.


Soon the Americans are going to transfer the command of the divisional level for action in Europe in Poland. As reported by Defence.24 press Secretary of the command of “operation Atlantic determination” (Atlantic Resolve) Brent Williams (Brent Williams), to translate it from German Baumholder in Poznan.


In practice, this means that the actions of the US army in East-Central Europe will be coordinated from Poland. Mission Command Element is a command center division of the us army in Europe, established in 2015, based on the structures of the 4th infantry division, which is permanently stationed in the United States.

In a statement, Brent Williams emphasizes that the transfer of command from Germany to Poland will help to better prepare for possible threats as he dictated primarily by the desire to enhance the ability to move troops. Americans see this as the step to a real and substantial strengthening of the operational capacity.


“The translation of Mission Command Element from Germany to Poland will allow the US army to more effectively maneuver troops. Advanced basing of command in Poland will enhance the interaction of us forces in Europe with the allies, commanders and civilians of European countries, and as a result will increase the level of readiness of NATO to respond to different kinds of threats or crisis on the continent. Cooperation with our allies and partners in the operation “Atlantic determination” will strengthen defense capabilities of NATO and will create a unique opportunity for the development of cooperation between different countries in the course of operations and bilateral exercises”.


The press service of the us army has not yet reported about the details of the decision. However, in all probability, the analysis of operational needs, has led Americans to the conclusion that Poland is the ideal choice for placing the command maneuverable ground forces. With appeals to “zoom in” places of deployment of command structures previously addressed by policy in our region, in particular, the head of the national security Bureau of Poland Paul Solokh (Paweł Soloch) and the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. Distance from the Lithuanian-Polish border to Poznan is 450 kilometers, to Kaliningrad is about 300 km, between the German Baumholder (where Mission Command Element is now) separated from Suwalki isthmus approximately 1200 kilometers.


Translation command (not combat troops) from Germany to Poland is both a political signal indicating the interest in the Eastern flank. It can be assumed that this idea was the result of the exercises and war games conducted as part of operation “Atlantic determination” (building a presence on the Eastern flank after the annexation of Crimea and attack Russia to Ukraine).


As we know, before the Ukraine war broke out, all units of the US army divisional level in Europe has been eliminated, in turn, create a Mission Command Element on the basis of the 4th infantry division was a response to the emerging need to improve the coordination and effectiveness of command for the conduct of intensive operations in the European territory. Initially the membership did not exceed a hundred people, however, the presence of the command center, which coordinates the actions of all military units, cannot be overemphasized. It is the division level to ensure effective interaction and about what speech will go further, driving parts of support.

Recently, the commander of US forces and NATO in Europe, us General Curtis Scaparrotti (Curtis M. Scaparrotti) told Congress that the best solution would be to transfer in the “additional” divisions with armored and mechanized units. Of particular importance it attaches also to the parts of the support units of field artillery, air defense and logistics divisional level.


They are necessary in order to ensure the effective functioning of the other units (e.g., brigades). It should be noted that steps in this direction have already been taken. For example, according to the decisions that were taken last year, in the framework of Army Prepositioned Stocks in Western Europe will host the equipment for at least one additional brigade. On our continent will also be equipment for departments logistics and artillery. It was recently reported that the program included air defense units with short-range air-defense systems Avenger, whose task, in particular, is to cover the maneuvering of troops.


Apparently, the us army has not yet said its last word on the topic of building up its presence in Europe, evidenced, in particular, the above words of General Scaparrotti. The Americans are now engaged in preparatory work for the construction of the Polish Powidz objects under the program of NATO’s investments in security. The project cost is approximately $ 220 million, the stock can be placed equipment for a tank brigade and other equipment. The publication Stars and Stripes reported that in Germany, analyzing the possibility of issuing additional units, including the size of the brigade. All this suggests that Americans are seriously considering the possibility of further increasing the number of its ground forces in Europe and the deployment of new combat units.


Translation of the command center in poznań is a very important step to strengthening the American military presence on the continent. It establishes the status of Poland on the Eastern flank of NATO, and also serves as proof that Americans are ready to adapt their structures and seek to improve the responsiveness. In addition, this decision may serve as a stimulus for further capacity-building of the Polish army, because the U.S. leadership is interested that the allies could make a more significant contribution to collective defence. The state acting “center” of the Eastern flank should be ready to take the first blow and protect not only its own territory, but the contained key to the entire NATO system of defense areas.