Scientists have discovered an incredible secret of a happy marriage

A group of scientists from Florida state University (USA) found that married women with ugly men will be more sturdy. This conclusion experts have made after a survey of 113 pairs, according to Esquire.

Among other things, scientists are interested in how often partners have sex, give each other gifts, tell compliments, as well as diet, experience dissatisfaction and personal life, arguing with my partner and jealous of him. Then each participant was photographed, and then assessed the attractiveness of his face and body.


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In the end, it turned out that women who are in relationships with attractive men less happy. In particular, they are more likely to experience bouts of depression, jealousy and often sit on a diet, trying to lose weight.

As for ugly men, with them, women were more happy, and a similar pair more robust. One of the key points of success, according to researchers, is the high sexual activity of men, their substantial help in the home and the ability to care.