The attack in Saint-Petersburg

A blast at a metro station in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, previously called Leningrad, claimed the lives of many people. The usual suspect is a radical Islamist Salafi organization. General Prosecutor’s office qualified the incident as a terrorist attack. Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich said that Russia’s response to events in St. Petersburg will be the most stringent: “We have always said that the terrorists see Russia as enemy number one.”

It is known that Russia, which does not allow to recover the Islamist organizations, especially ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Syria, is the target of jihadists. Not so long ago published poster of ISIS threatened “we will burn Russia.” And so in last night’s attack and all attention was drawn to the ISIS.

Simultaneously with the attack in Saint-Petersburg in the Syrian capital Damascus was an attempt to attack the Russian Embassy with mortars. It is reported that the attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus was committed by the organization called “Tahrir al-sham”.

In Russia before the metro station was a target of terrorist attacks. In 2010, as a result of explosions carried out during rush hour in the Moscow subway, killing 39 people.

What driven into a corner of radical Islamist organizations in Syria and Iraq will respond to the terrorist attacks, was expected. Information that ISIS, which over the last two years has lost 40% of controlled areas, will make the response in Western capitals, activating sleeper cells were frequently confirmed in intelligence reports.

The events in Iraq and Syria has increased pressure on ISIS and its derivative organizations. Increasing this pressure the jihadists to meet their fighters to show that they are on their feet, will seek ways of carrying out such bloody attacks, as in Saint-Petersburg. It is obvious that the target will not only Russia. Turkey is also under the gun for similar attacks.

ISIS losing blood fast. Sweep of the region by ISIS as a result of operation in raqqa — a matter of time. More than 70% of the Iraqi city of Mosul were released by ISIS. As commander says fighters “Hasdi Shabi” Hashim Ali Husseini (Ali Haşim Huseyni), soon to be released the whole town.

The attack in Saint-Petersburg may have been committed by ISIL or some kind of Caucasian radical Islamist organization. Moscow’s statement “this is a terrorist attack” shows that this is no ordinary explosion. Place and manner of attack indicates the presence of “sleeper cells”. The style of attack, which takes aim at a defenseless civilian population, very similar to what the jihadist organization had previously done in France, Belgium, Germany, UK.

Over the last two years of ISIS in a similar way performed many terrorist acts on the territory of Turkey. Suruç, a station in Ankara, the Ataturk airport, and the mass killings of tourists in the areas of Taksim and Sultanahmet — the first thing that comes to mind.

It becomes clear that the organization gradually pressed in those territories in Syria and Iraq, where she is trying to dominate, will continue to make such insane actions and spreading fear, will try thus to raise the morale of his supporters. Russia, Turkey, European countries — above all the looming threat of this barbarism.

As noted by Samir Amin (Samir Amin, political scientist and economist, a researcher of globalization, one of the theoreticians of neo-Marxism — ed. TRANS.), American diplomacy in the interests of their political strategies shared by political Islamists “radical” and “moderate”. Although “moderate Islam”, “radical Islam” does not exist. This is essentially the same. Both fueled Wahhabism. This is a dangerous propaganda invention of the U.S., which for the sake of their interests and wish to legitimize the support of some political Islamist movements. In this trap in any case can not be caught.
Look what is happening in Syria. The West, the US and France support various Salafist organizations. “Al-Nusra” was a wing of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), it is no different from ISIS. It changed its name to “the front for the conquest of the Levant” and tried thus to save face.

Turkey, under the leadership of the party of justice and development makes a similar error and obviously does not retrieve the right lessons. Old errors continue to be added new. Hiding behind the word “moderate”, she will officially enter into alliances with such jihadist organizations in Syria like the Free Syrian army, for example, during the operation “shield of the Euphrates”. Operates in the region through organizations such as the “Ahrar al-sham”.

LIH, “al-Nusra” and their derivatives, Salafite-Wahhabi organizations are enemies of all mankind. You cannot lose sight of this fact. To destroy this radicalism is not enough military success. Must be eradicated, Salafite Wahhabi paracrine that fuels this thinking. For short-term projects and calculations arise monsters like “al-Qaeda” and ISIS, and they bring a lot of headaches for the region and the world.