In Venezuela, democracy has won

I don’t agree with the rules of electoral representation in Spain, but, nevertheless exercise their right to vote. I would have never thought talking about fraud or dictatorship, despite the fact that proportionality in voting does not exist. Every vote in Spain, depending on the place of voting is different. But this does not mean that Spain’s totalitarian regime. Democracy exists for several decades, although the electoral representation have questions.

Elections to the Constituent Assembly — 21-e voting in Venezuela over the last 18 years. That is, on average, obtained more than once per year. The chavismo won in 19 cases out of 20. In both cases, the lesions the results were officially recognized. In electoral terms, democracy in Venezuela has always been a characteristic feature of the revolutionary process and never questioned authority. In December there will be elections to the regional authorities. Also will vote on the adoption of the text of the Constitution, and then presidential elections.

Any discussion of the question of the rules of the Constituent Assembly elections is welcome. Any debate is possible under condition of their carrying out in a peaceful, political way. To disagree is as lawful as it is to support the elections. Democracy this is. And absolutely far-fetched all those headlines screaming about the “threat of democracy”, “dictatorship” and “totalitarian regime” when talking about the electoral process, inviting people to vote.

And finally, the Venezuelan people without any fear, went to vote. 8 089 320 Venezuelans supported the convening of a Constituent Assembly (41,53%), which is almost identical to the historical record of Chavez in Caracas. Many went for it, because true to the ideas of Chavez and are ready to give their votes in any circumstances. Surely these include those five and a half million who voted in the parliamentary elections in 2015, despite the economic difficulties. But, in addition, must have voted and those who had some claim to chavismo, were dissatisfied with something, but now fed up with the chaos unleashed by the opposition minority that interfere with normal life. This is an important part of the population, which the opposition are unable to win on his side for the time elapsed after the last election in the legislature. Even on the contrary: it scared her away, and she returned to the ranks of chavistas, that is the place where you were before. Undoubtedly, the elections showed that the opposition — both local and international — does not want to admit that chavismo as a political identity continues to have influence in the country.

The reality is that elections in Venezuela you can’t win with lies flows from abroad and such lawlessness in the country. The Venezuelan people for many years feels completely free and do not vote for something that will tell him the Imperial world press. The better. This is what I can not understand in the traditional centers of power. People vote for what you believe in, regardless of what they tell CNN, El País, the international monetary Fund, trump, peña Nieto or Santos.

Democracy once again triumphed in Venezuela. Yes, it is a democracy. A country in which people vote in accordance with liberal norms is called democratic. In Venezuela a representative democracy is strictly observed, another evidence of the election to the Constituent Assembly. The country faces many problems, and the constituent Assembly will need to give answers to the new demands of the Venezuelan people.

Politics of Venezuela back on the path of conflict resolution by the user. The submitted votes will determine the future of the country, although some prefer a bullet. Thank you, this is not necessary.