New scandal: now because of the “Panama Savchenko”

Ukrainians who sell used things, often attributed to their belonging to famous people. In order to raise the price significantly.

“Today,” became aware of the scandal that erupted after the publication of the announcement of the sale of the “cap Savchenko” — the military of Panama, alleged in 2004, the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko. In Panama the seller asks 1200 UAH. Its regular price is not more than 200. She Protoscience, press Secretary Savchenko, told “Today” that the sale caps, they not only know, but also did a little research.

“I personally called the seller to ask who he was. Journalists who asked him the product, he said that raising money for an operation for my mother, — said Tatiana, Protoscience. — As for where the cap and Hope I can say the following: the photo the cap is brand new. Therefore, it is unlikely that this thing belonged to Hope. The actions of the seller, you can consider rudeness and outrage.” According to Protoscience, the seller has not said who he really is.

“Today” also talked to the seller “caps Savchenko,” who was presented by Vladimir. “It’s really cap Savchenko, which she wore in 2006. I then talked to her. Photos — the same time period. Other proof of authenticity I have no”, — said the seller.

Another free classified ads website for sale picture allegedly present in one of the residences of Yanukovych. The painting depicts a female face in an Oriental style, the canvas consists of two parts: 80×80 cm Author of the ad asks for it 10 thousand UAH. “Today” showed a photo of the painting to the CEO of the National art Museum of Ukraine Yulia Lytvynets’.

“The picture is unknown to me. I can’t say whether she’s from Ukraine. Previously I have not seen her” — told us Julia. Commandant Mezhyhirya Denis Trakatellis says he’s also this picture is unknown. “It is impossible to affirm that she was from the residence of Yanukovych, or to deny it. But personally, I kind of picture unknown. Maybe the seller wants more money. But if it is from Yanukovych’s residence, it turns out that it’s a rental,” says Trakatellis.

One of the most popular products — watches and the autographs supposedly gifted to the sellers famous people. One of the lots watch cost 850 UAH, “presented by the Minister of defense.” The author does not specify which Minister presented the gift to him. Other sellers offer wrist watch, which was allegedly awarded to former presidents Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko. Watch “from Kuchma” is from 1650 UAH 14 thousand UAH, and hours donated by allegedly Viktor Yushchenko, sold nearly 6 thousand UAH. On the back of most watches do have the inscription “President of Ukraine”.

But trade in autographs has become an industry. Sponsored ads offer autographs of the Klitschko brothers, famous football players, actors. For an autograph please from 100 to 5000 UAH.