Ukrainians massively rent a car with Euronorm disassembly

Owners of old cars to Lithuanian and other foreign rooms in Ukraine began to actively take their cars for parts. Car owners fear that after the New year with these machines will either have to leave or pay taxes, writes “Auto-Consulting”.

Recycling processes of these cars has stepped up a failed protest action under the Verkhovna Rada on 6 and 7 September, after which it became clear that the authorities are preparing legislation under the strict variant of the legalization of these cars.

According to employees of averasboro, this week increased the number of appeals with a proposal to hand over on the analysis of cars from Poland or Lithuania. And every day such proposals more and more.

“The owners are in no hurry to sell clunkers, because I realized that no favors from the state they will not, no they are illegal to legalize cars will not, and still for them to pay. They bought them for 2-4 thousand euros and are willing to take at half price, just to win something. Because after some time of wanting a lot more naturally, prices will reduce,” explained the mechanic of the capital showdown Pavel Lapin.

What’s cooking in Parliament

After a cool review of the MPs about the outcome of talks with activists protesting at the Parliament, it became clear that a compromise is not reached. The authorities hinted that they will put “fuses”.

“The Ukrainian can not travel to Ukraine in transit. It’s a hole in the customs legislation. We offer all cars up to 2000 model year, which go at us illegally, customs clearance and put on the Ukrainian rooms. Perhaps to reduce the tax for owners of such cars with a large engine (2.5 l diesel and 3 liters of gasoline). We also put a “fuse” that the Ukrainians could not import uncleared cars. Join police and customs base,” – said a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy Robert gorvat.

Thus, according to the MP, the police can easily calculate that a non-resident for more than two months around the country without registration, it will be immediately applied adminshtraf. After the second time the car confiscated.


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Thus, according to the experts, the customs “Amnesty” is not possible for all cars foreign numbers. “For example, the owner will have to go to Lithuania, search for a firm the owner of the car, to go to a notary for contract of sale and only then, pregna to Ukraine, customs clearance and become its legal owner. But there is no guarantee that in Lithuania this firm still exists”- warns CEO of the Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

According to him, formally, those who ride such car users, not the owners. And legally they have no right on this car, so to clear it, we won’t not re-buy it from the former owner.