Europe dares to tell US “no”

Europeans for many years “took the salute” to the United States.

But the leading role of the United States weakened, the EU is an economic powerhouse, as opposed to the US, and confidence in the President Trump virtually zero.

President Donald trump promised to “once again make America great”, recognizing that American leadership is not what it was. In Paris yesterday weakened the us President held talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, whose goal is to keep the United States for international cooperation.

Today, the President trump was present on the Champs Elysees in a military parade with the participation of American soldiers in memory of the fact that the United States 100 years ago sided with the French and the British in the first world war.

USA took the first steps to becoming a world power and defender of Europe, and the country especially actively began to play that role after world war II. Europeans depended on Europe (SIC — approx. ed.) and they felt a sense of gratitude towards the Americans. USA no one contradicted. And this is it.

Europe faces changes

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel — a politician very rational and calculating, thoroughly weighing every word and every step. That is why — and because of the weight of the Chancellor and Germany in Europe and the world — her speech in Munich on may 28 caused some excitement in Europe.

After meeting with President Donald trump during the NATO summit and the meeting of “seven” in Italy she said that the times when they could entirely rely on others is over. “I had a chance to experience it in the last few days.”

The statement has attracted attention because it was made by the head of Germany, the former in 1949 a loyal member of NATO. Speech of the Federal Chancellor followed the statements of Donald trump of Germany, which, according to him, exports in the US, too many cars, and the Europeans paid in the NATO is not enough money.

Foreign policy Washington Post columnist Anne Appelbaum (Anne Applebaum) was categorical: “the Result of this trip is that US influence, always manifested in trade and military alliances for mutual benefit, now less than ever in modern times,” she wrote in the newspaper.

After a few days the President and Emmanuel macron in strong terms criticized the decision of the President of trump to withdraw the U.S. from the global climate agreement, and at the annual meeting of OECD Ministers, the trade organization of industrialized countries, the United States was in complete isolation compared to other members of the organization formed a United front.

The United States failed to join the statement, written by Chairman, Denmark, warns against protectionism and rejection of the multilateral trading system.

Europeans — and even commonly a devotee of the USA and for decades nothing critical ally Denmark — expressed his opinion. Europeans in General never clicked his heels, hearing instructions from Washington. What happened?

The culmination of the crisis

The last event is just the culmination of years of crisis and mistrust, which began with the war in Iraq. France was one of the countries which, in 2003 distanced itself from the American intervention in Iraq, and French predictions about the dramatic consequences of war have come true.

Europe split.

Britain was the leader of the European countries that chose to support the war of President George Bush. Denmark was not the only one who decided to support US, the vast majority in the Folketing chose to participate by sending soldiers to Iraq, and new democracies in Eastern Europe also followed US.

Today the situation has completely changed.

Civil Danish Ministers allow themselves to criticize the American President, and as a more serious topic, the European front against the decision of the President of trump to withdraw the US from global agreements on climate change is unwavering.

If we talk about security policy, even the East Europeans pondered in connection with ambiguous signals from the President trump of NATO and the debate on European cooperation in the field of defence again in the agenda of the EU. Where the Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager (Margrethe Vestager) imposes on Google and other giant fines for violation of competition rules — to the great fury of the Americans.

The gap with the US no one wants, and the invitation of Donald trump by President Makron — the attempt to build new bridges.

But with humility and submission is over.