Sleepy diet: drastic changes diet constantly to lose weight

Sleepy diet is one of the most gentle and at the same time healthy. Its authors are physicians of Ireland, which promise not only a steady loss of weight (from 500 grams a week), but also excellent health, anti-aging effect and prevention of various diseases, says “Home”.

  • What is the diet

Get ready for what will have to change not just dietary habits and whole way of life. It is scientifically proven that fatigue and lack of sleep is among the main factors of weight gain.

  • The mode of the day

People need to eat three to five times a day, the last meal plan not later than four hours before bedtime. And forget the classic rule “don’t eat after six”. If you go to sleep at 23.00, you can safely eat at 19.00.

  • Physical activity

Recommended running, swimming, yoga, Biking, classes at the gym, dancing, walking, any activity that gives you pleasure. At least 30 minutes every day.

  • What can I eat

Vegetable soups, chicken and Turkey, seafood, vegetables, fruits, dairy products with low fat content, herbal tea, natural fresh juices, pure water (two liters per day). Eliminate all caffeinated products – coffee, tea, Cola and chocolate.

  • When to sleep

To go to sleep till 23.00 and sleep at least eight hours. Ensure that the bedroom was dark and cool. Draw the curtains, turn off from the network all the gadgets to blinking lights on the displays did not disturb your sleep. Discard gadgets two hours before sleeping. Instead, read a book (not electronic), go for a walk, do some stretching exercises, drink a glass of warm milk and go to sleep.

  • Effect

Is a long-term power supply system, which without the slightest fear stick all my life. If you have excess weight, get ready for what you will lose about 500 grams per week. Gradually, your weight will normalize and become stable.