Instead of the washing machine: how to “save” the clothing using the refrigerator

Instead of running the washing machine three times a day, give her a little rest. Some work she could do, and refrigerator. It can clean jeans and remove odors from clothes, says “Home”.


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So how can you use refrigerator for the repair of their things:

  • To make the sweater no shedding

Put the sweater in a zip-lock bag and store in the freezer, there, where are the packages of frozen vegetables. After a few hours the cold “glue” the wool fibres together, and they will no longer so mercilessly to fall out. This method works especially well with wool and cashmere things.

  • Clean jeans

If after every washing your favorite and most convenient dark blue jeans are becoming lighter and lighter wash them less often. Instead, put them in the freezer sometimes. Every time when the jeans get a little stale and start to smell bad, we throw them in the wash. This fabric wears out faster, and paint fade. Well, in the freezer bacteria which is the cause of bad breath, dying from the cold.

  • To stretch new shoes

Sometimes a new pair of shoes brings such anguish that I want to get it quickly. But take your time with water and cold temperatures, you will be able to cope with uncomfortable shoes. Fill with water two packages, place them in the shoes and put them in the freezer. When the liquid turns into ice, it will expand and stretch the shoes without any problems.

  • To remove traces of chewing gum from clothes

The opportunity to plunge into the chewing gum is, of course, not every day but at least once such situation happens with almost every one of us. Just do not rush to wash the item in the car, instead, take some ice cubes or put stuff in the fridge. When the thing cools down, the cohesion between the molecules is weakened and the frozen cold the gum will be much easier to scrape from clothing.

  • To make the tights durable

Sometimes torn pantyhose before we have time to put them on. But we know the way that will help to increase their strength. Before you wear a new pair, rinse it under running water, squeeze, then put in the freezer. The next day, just “preheat” the tights to room temperature and only then put on. Now they are not so easily tear. And the procedure do not have to repeat constantly. It only takes one time.