U.S. Ambassador to the UN has strongly criticized Russian actions

All the pressure of the UN Security Council should be turned against Russia, not to Damascus, to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria and to put an end to crime in this country. With such a statement was made on Thursday, the U.S. permanent representative to the world organization Nikki Haley at a meeting of the security Council.

“Many of you said that we need to put pressure on the Syrian regime, in fact it is not. We need to put pressure on Russia, because Russia continues to cover the Syrian regime, Russia allows them to impede the provision of humanitarian assistance to needy people, Russia continues to defend a leader who uses chemical weapons against its own people, Russia continues to veto (the resolution of the Security Council), and Assad continues to behave, because he knows that Russia will continue to cover it, – the diplomat said. – All the attention and all the pressure now has to be paid to Russia, because they can end it if you want.”

The US Ambassador also invited members of the Council not to draw attention to the fact that the Russian delegation said at the meetings of the Security Council. “Don’t listen to how they translate the theme, pointing to other conflicts. Don’t listen, they claim that the reports (UN) is not true,” continued Haley, calling instead believe the pictures and the humanitarian workers who complain of obstruction by Damascus.

As stated by the permanent representative of the United States, it will require Security Council action against Syria, “even if Russia will veto” on resolution. “Our voice must be heard,” claimed the diplomat.