Again on the move: three reasons for the emergence of new language laws

Parliamentarians have already “solved” all the problems of Ukrainians and once again raised in the country the language issue. The Verkhovna Rada has registered almost simultaneously at three bills, which, according to their authors, are designed to protect the Ukrainian language. According to Ukrainian folk belief, if the deputies are talking about languages — wait for the imminent elections. Whether so it actually, to understand “Apostrophe”.

That offer

The first of the three language laws in the Parliament was registered a draft law No. 5556. It was called “On languages in Ukraine”. It was initiated from a 32 MP from different factions of the Verkhovna Rada. The bill clearly States that the only official language in the country is Ukrainian and that he performs all the functions of official language on the whole territory of Ukraine. However, in the Crimea, for it is added, and Crimean Tatar. Accordingly, the whole document in the country should be conducted in the state language. Knowledge of Ukrainian be the determining factor in citizenship, officials in the public communication must use only the state language, and if you do not know it, then learn for 6 months. Written appeals to the authorities, the Ukrainians will also have to write in the state language. The most interesting proposals of the bill in the sphere of culture and the media. For example, if the performance is not the official language, the theatre is obliged to provide the audience a simultaneous translation into Ukrainian. In addition, at least two-thirds of the number of copies which are in private ownership should go to the Ukrainian. All national TV channels must broadcast only in Ukrainian, but if in the air of an invited guest who says, for example, in Russian, his speech should simultaneously translate into the state language. In short, the Ukrainian needs to penetrate all spheres of life: sport, education, trade, politics, culture and the media.

However, the authors of the bill included some concessions. For example, residents of localities where at least one third of the population will belong to a national minority have the right to appeal to the officials and get their answers in the language of their minority, but who is going to measure this “third,” the law is not explained.

Two the language of the bill: No. 5669 and # 5670 was introduced to Parliament on 19 January. In fact, they are small differences overlap with the text of the bill number 5556. For example, bill No. 5669 involves the creation in Ukraine “the National Commission for the standards of the state language”. To its authority is the approval standards of the Ukrainian language — spelling and terminology. Also, the Commission develops requirements for the level of Ukrainian officials: from simple employee of state-owned enterprises to the President of Ukraine. In turn, the national Commission breeds more two structures — the “Center of the Ukrainian language” and “Terminology centre of the Ukrainian language”. The first performs the practical problems of law enforcement: conducts examinations on knowledge of the state language, develop reference sheets and issue certificates of proficiency in Ukrainian. The second develops the standards for terminology of the Ukrainian language in the sphere of law, medicine, science and even creates Ukrainian sign language. But that’s not all. The state introduced a new position of Commissioner for the protection of the state language, minority languages, regional (minority) languages. What will this official, it is easy to guess from the title of the post.

But perhaps the most controversial provision proposed by the authors of bill No. 5670. By the way, the project was signed by 33 members of Parliament. They offer in the office of the Commissioner for the protection of the state language to enter the service of the “language inspectors”. It is assumed that these “inspectors” will be 27 people, and pick them from among those who have higher education or academic degree in Philology or law. So the inspector can go in any Cabinet official, to any document not only from authorities, but even of political parties, public organizations, legal entities and analyze it for compliance with the language legislation.

Not again and again

Val’s language laws, according to experts interviewed by “Apostrophe” says about three main reasons for this “concern” of MPs for ordinary Ukrainians. The first and most important being the possibility of early parliamentary elections.

“The authors of the bills are looking for themselves in the Patriotic electoral niche as the Parliament do allow re-election, and many who are subconsciously preparing them. It support search, information events in order to declare themselves before the elections”, — explained the “Apostrophe” political analyst Yaroslav Makitra.

Political analyst Andrei Zolotarev added that the language issue is a technology that is already in the run-in perfection Ukrainian politicians. “Anyone, even a novice political strategist knows that in a situation when the ratings do not Bode well, you need to segment your voters to “their” and “alien.” This simple trick now and turn with the Ukrainians. If you are for Ukrainian language, NATO, you’re a patriot, and if against, you are an agent of Putin, the jacket, the hand of Moscow, and so on. It is obvious that, in preparation for the probable early elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the current government is simultaneously sharpens the issues that split voters,” says “Apostrophe” expert.

However, one would hope that the Ukrainians will see through politicians and a split bet on on the basis of language will not play. “She wouldn’t have played if we had a much more Mature voter, but people on these things, alas, are conducted, — said Zolotarev. — People are susceptible to propaganda. In these circumstances, given the information, technological, and administrative resources of power, for it is the winning option only for the country — losing.”

The second reason for the emergence of the language of the bill is to distract the attention from economic and social problems in the country. “The theme of language is always raised during the period of any crisis, when he has nothing more to raise. There is much of our state, as she exaggerated, but in the end, all treading water, says “Apostrophe” analyst “Donetsk Institute of information” Vitaly Sizov. — From a practical point of view it is unclear why again raised the issue of language, because according to the Constitution, the state language is one of us, and it is clearly defined and protected. So, to say that language is not protected, or its status as a fact infringed, is not necessary. Basically it is a political speculation: when slowed by internal reform, there is no objective improvement of the standard of living, you need something to throw in the society, so that people began to discuss space issues, and not real life. If before the country was split on the basis of the “West-East” or “Pro-Western” positions, now Pro-Russian position is not relevant, but left the language issue. Opinion polls show that the issues of language don’t care about the vast majority of people in real life, and it’s true. But when this issue starts to update, it becomes vital, as people see it as an encroachment on their personal space”.

Finally, the third reason is that MPs actually attended to support the Ukrainian language. “I think that some MPs really see a way to solve the problem of the Ukrainian language in the country through these bills,” says Yaroslav Makitra.

However, experts claim that this reason was rather from a number of fantastic, because the mechanism for addressing the language issue was selected too aggressively. “Indeed, the Ukrainian language is going through hard times and needs to be protected. No questions. But why do so, when under the protection of the Ukrainian language we are witnessing an attempt to reduce the influence of the Russian language in the public sphere? There is another part of society — Russian-speaking Ukrainians who do not accept this idea and will never perceive it,” says analyst Andrew Buzarov.

According to the President of the Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine Semyon Gluzman, linguistic speculation aroused irritation. “It is obvious that this is not the first or even the tenth question in the country. Why again people annoying this topic is when people, let us speak frankly — not very well-fed and is not experiencing the best moments of life” — summed Gluzman.