USA vs Germany — who makes the best cars?

Sedans luxury: Lincoln Continental vs. Mercedes-S-Klasse

Duesenberg, Cadillac, Packard — the name of the American sedan class “luxury” were once very sonorous, and was among the best of the best. Nowadays, however, they are not able to compete with the German models. Even the Lincoln Continental, probably the most prestigious cars produced in Detroit, has not the slightest chance against the S-Klasse: its plush leather chairs don’t offer a shred of comfort, which gives Mercedes a chair which is equipped with special programs Energizing, through which the passenger feels like in Spa.

© JSC “Mercedes-Benz”Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

While the most powerful motor of “American” has six cylinders, “the Schwab” the engine range from this is just beginning, resulting in the 12 cylinders have a version of AMG. And where the S-Klasse for several minutes coming almost Autonomous, Continental have to be thankful for the automatic adjustment of the distance from the ahead going car. By far: one point in favor of Germany.

Minivans: Chrysler Pacifica vs. Opel Zafira

Chrysler at the time, has achieved great success by developing a model of Voyager. When German families were forced to save money for a bulky minivan from Volkswagen, the Americans produced the “monocab” — a hybrid large sedan and a bus. Now this model is called Pacifica and has worldwide a lot of “copies” — in particular, the Opel Zafira.

One would assume that this model was developed by a subsidiary of the American concern General Motors. It is very similar to the Pacifica visually, has similar characteristics and it offers to passengers about the same interior space. Have Zafira has a number of advantages because of the love of Germans to individual detail and more carefully the selection of materials to the drive delivered to the driver, if possible, more fun. But Chrysler over the years have learned something: Pacifica became the world’s first minivan with a hybrid engine, thus earning the, at least, a draw.

Pickups: Ford F-150 vs. Volkswagen Amarok

Ford F-150 is the best-selling car in the U.S., and position it on the market so stable that the “German” will hardly be able to shake it. However, they still tend to bite off a piece of the pie. Although Amarok is auto a lesser class than the F-150, it is comparable with Ford according to some characteristics. In particular, despite being slightly smaller, it offers passengers a comparable amount of interior space.

© Ford Motor Sharepointadmin Ford F-150

However, Ford offers the rider more comfort and, if they wish, more power. In the configuration of the Raptor transport modern cowboys turns into a sort of “Spartan”. And although its design could hardly be more “brutal”, the F-150 is quite a modern car equipped with a ten step automatic transmission, a large, compared to “German”, a number of auxiliary systems and the best “infotainment systems.” In addition, this is the first model launched into serial production, consisting entirely of aluminum, making it not too heavy and thus level the scores between the two countries. One point in favor of the United States.

Sports cars: Chevrolet Corvette vs. Porsche 911

Nowhere is the competition between “Germans” and “Americans” can not be called more tense than the one between the Porsche 911 and Chevrolet Corvette. Both models can boast of long history and rich tradition, and for many generations remain faithful to those traditions — both feature a love for speed and driving pleasure. No matter whether you want the driver to “light” located on the front of the engine, V8 or six-cylinder “boxer” on the back — it is a matter of personal preference. “Light” he will succeed on one, and on the other car.

Its shortcomings in terms of elegance and high tech Corvette completely compensate due to lower prices. In the end, the scales on the side of the Porsche bow love for traditional lines and more confidence in the car at top speed and in fast corners. In addition, with the exception, perhaps, only Ferrari there is no other cars, so little lose in resale value like a Porsche. Summary: a slight advantage on the side of Germany.

SUV: Cadillac Escalade vs. Audi Q7

If it is in the world a sort of “native American” car, this SUV. Machines of this type were also developed in England,

Japan and Germany, but no one is puzzled by the transformation of these “workhorses” in character “style of life” so early on and not worked on this transformation so motivated as the Americans. The personification of this car could be called the Cadillac Escalade, which is equally admire as fans of “gangsta rap” and real estate brokers. In the US people like its size, its eye-catching design and its powerful V8 engine.

The rest of the world, this “big Mac” for fans of horsepower sold with difficulty, especially because in other markets it faces serious competitors like the Audi Q7. It offers to its passengers comparable a lot of space, being also a much more modern car. This applies, for example, how many “supporting” side and “infotainment” systems, and much more long “line” of engines that will appeal to both fans save fuel, and lovers of “light”, not paying attention to his flow. So Cadillac Escalade no chance — one point in favor of Germany.

Electric cars: the Chevrolet Bolt vs. BMW i3

When it comes to electric cars, we must admit that Germany is still “a developing country”, although the engineers in Wolfsburg and in Stuttgart, and Ingolstadt slowly “Wake up”, and BMW does quite promptly recognized the global trend and has managed to market the range of models i. However, in this segment, Germany and the United States change places. And it is not even about the success of Tesla electric cars — just compare “technology lighthouse” i3 and the Chevrolet Bolt.

© AFP 2017, Jung Yeon-Emodel represent the Chevrolet Bolt EV during the preview of the Seoul motor show

No expensive “carbon design” or “echointeger” with inserts made of palm fiber and the olive tree is not able to provide the “Bavarian” advantage over “American”. Even “upgrade” the battery at a cost of seven thousand Euro does not help: a Bolt, which, under the name Opel Ampera-e will soon appear on the German market, has a more powerful battery and has a cruising range of 520 miles vs 300 i3. However, he not only cheaper, but also more practical, as for most drivers and even more cute. Here we can only congratulate the Americans! One point is awarded to the developers of Detroit.

Cars for the masses: Chevrolet Malibu vs. Volkswagen Golf

Chevrolet Malibu is the Volkswagen Golf the American way: when the average American in Detroit, is looking for an average car, he turns his gaze on American “cousin” Opel Insignia. It is much bigger than a Golf, but this is understandable in America and the roads are wider, and the distance is much greater.

Golf in turn, offers a broader and more contemporary “a line” of engines — both diesel and petrol up to the R model hybrid or electrical modifications. He has almost all the support systems that cars in higher classes and larger touchscreen “infotainment” screen, compared to which the display Malibu looks sort of “Nokia” 3310 on the background of the iPhone 7S. In addition, if the Malibu driver and passengers forced to settle for a dull plastic in the cabin, in Golf it is possible to order lacquered wood and natural leather. And purely from driving smaller cars to have more fun. More is better? Sorry, dear friends overseas, but not in this case. The overall victory goes to Germany.