The appointment of judges of the Supreme court: the EU made a statement

The EU Embassy in Ukraine urges not to appoint Supreme court judges with a tainted reputation, since this could undermine the credibility of the entire reform. This is stated in the message of the EU delegation in Facebook.

“In the near future we expect a final decision of the High Council of justice concerning the appointment of the new judges of the Supreme court. This gives Ukraine a historic opportunity to bring judicial reform in the country to a new level.
The EU closely followed the selection process and provided substantial support in this matter. Now the High Council of justice is responsible for the appointment of judges only those candidates, whose virtues, independence and professionalism are unquestionable. Such high requirements can lead to the fact that this year will be filled not all of the available 120 places”, – stated in the message.


  • The winners of the contest judges to the Supreme court

The EU delegation noted that the Supreme court may begin work if no less than 65 judges.

“The appointment of at least a few judges with a stained reputation can undermine the credibility of the entire reform. The creation of a new Supreme court is a unique opportunity to restore public confidence in the judicial system, which Ukraine can not lose”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said that some candidates of judges that went through the competition in the new Supreme court, raise doubts in integrity.

“Several strong candidates came to the Supreme court, but the propriety of many of them doubt,” – said the Embassy.