NATO is arming. 200 Danish soldiers are sent to Estonia

From the Danish newspaper Arbejderen

On Tuesday, Folketing in the first reading discussed the proposal to send 200 Danish soldiers in Eastern Europe, where they have to support NATO’s war preparations against Russia.

NATO and Russia are currently engaged in a dangerous arms race in the Baltic sea, which increases the risk of open conflict. Denmark should not participate in this arms race.

Danish soldiers are to be sent to Estonia, sending needs to occur in January 2018. Soldiers will be placed in the newly equipped area, where he built barracks and will the exercises. The area is located in the small town Tartu, 100 kilometers from the Russian border.

“Part of the extended presence will clearly demonstrate allied solidarity and NATO countries emphasize the desire to protect the population and territories against any aggression as the attack on the extended presence of NATO will be aggression against allies,” he writes, pointing directly at Russia, Minister of foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen (Anders Samuelsen) in its draft decision.

The Minister emphasizes that it is not “possible the emergence of needs of the application of military force in accordance with the mandate of the expanded self.”

Threat arms race

In Folketinget most supports sending Danish soldiers. It is assumed that only a Single list will vote against it.

“NATO and Russia are currently engaged in a dangerous arms race in the Baltic sea, which increases the risk of open conflict. Denmark should not participate in this arms race. Instead of blindly to follow the NATO led by trump (Trump), Denmark should, together with the Nordic countries to strive to reach agreements on mutual disarmament and détente in the Baltic sea”, — said the representative of the Unified list, responsible for international Affairs, Nicolai Willumsen (Nikolaj Villumsen) in conversation with Arbejderen.

“It is naive to think that Russia will refuse to deploy missiles in the Kaliningrad region while NATO puts combat aircraft and soldiers along the Russian border. If we want more security, we need negotiations and disarmament”.

The social Democrats support sending Danish soldiers to the border between NATO and Russia.

“We’re voting for. It is necessary to tell Russia and Putin that there are limits,” writes Christensen, Henrik Dam (Henrik Dam Kristensen), the representative of the party on matters of defence, in a brief email message to the newspaper Arbejderen.

Sending 200 Danish soldiers in Estonia will mean 140 million per year of additional costs. The location of the soldier can later extend or renew. NATO has not yet decided on the question of how long you want to be part of the advanced placement in Eastern Europe. But, according to the Minister of foreign Affairs, is expected to “placement for several years.”

The main thing in the military preparations of NATO

Denmark plays a Central role in the military preparations of NATO in Eastern Europe. She, along with Poland and Germany is headed by the chief of the Eastern headquarters of NATO in the Polish Szczecin.

The headquarters needs “to lead a military unit, if there is a need to deploy them in the region,” writes the Minister in the explanatory Memorandum to the defence Committee.

This headquarters is one of the “main force headquarters high readiness NATO”, which in a few hours should be ready to start fighting.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls this extension in one of the most significant changes the Eastern infrastructure of the NATO to the East after the end of the cold war.

Extended part of NATO deployed in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, has a population of 5 thousand people, which should be out in position for two days.

5 thousand NATO soldiers is despite the fact that NATO in 1997 promised Russia not to deploy a “major military units” to “permanent” basis in the new NATO countries.