Jerusalem – the historical legacy of Muslims

About a century occupied Jerusalem and our brothers who live here are suffering and mass murder. The Israeli military did not respect the Palestinians deal with them in the middle of the street, set fire to mosques, where people go shopping, even kill old men, women and children.

Attempts to silence the voice of the Palestinian people to narrow their living space. In the eyes of the world are destroyed for a generation, but no one sees or hears these cries of death. Almost every morning on the dusty pages of history gets a new entry about “the martyrs who quietly conducted in the last path”. We gladly go to death for the faith, we do not run from death, but rather living with the awareness that death is the moment of encounter with God. But when our brothers are dying under the feet of Zionist thugs, we in no way can accept the silence of the leaders, thinkers and peoples of the Islamic societies. To destroy this evil, everyone should do as much as you can, and we wholeheartedly believe in it.

In Palestine do not cease the screams of death. The Israeli military attack on our Holy sites, threaten, commit mass murder, make fun of our faith. They want to break the connection of believers with the al-Aqsa mosque, to wipe Muslims off the face of the earth. But Allah crushes all their guns and rifles and allows you to muffle the sound of the adhan on these lands.

The al-Aqsa mosque due to the fact that it was our first Qibla, occupies an important place in the lives of Muslims. From this point of view, Jerusalem is not only the place, where was the first Qibla in Islam and humanity, but also the center of Islamic history. Because of this Jerusalem since time immemorial, became a target of the Zionists. In 2014, the Israeli military attacked the al-Aqsa mosque and attacked Palestinians. In the attack the mosque was badly damaged, Windows were broken and doors produced great destruction. The Zionists still continue these attacks. But while the al-Aqsa mosque, the heart of our life and our first Qibla, is under attack, the leaders and thinkers of the Islamic societies prefer to remain silent. And when the Muslim Nations begin to react, leaders did not show any significant reaction, whereas political calculations. If this kind of attack was aimed at any Church or synagogue, would rise, and ordinary citizens, politicians and artists. But we have at the time of death and the occupation continues, no one who has the right to vote, and eyebrow does not lead.

Masjid al-Aqsa is our first Qibla towards which the prophet Muhammad and his companions performed Salat for 17 months. The ascension of the prophet Muhammad occurred after his transfer from Mecca to Jerusalem. Therefore, the al-Aqsa mosque — it is a question not only of Palestinians but of all Muslims.

In order for the occupation, the war, the deaths ceased, to act first and foremost needs leaders that have assumed administrative functions. They should abandon their own interests, to focus on the interests of society and to revive the spirit of brotherhood. Words that need to “pray” to purify the heart, will not help them to get rid of the responsibility.