Important rules of life to preserve female youth

Scientists have established a few rules for women to preserve their youth and life. The main thing is the food. Experts call for reducing the consumption of sweets and desserts, since sugar provokes the appearance of wrinkles reports


  • Named time of day, when everything eaten is converted to fat

Now, remember these important rules to preserve youth:

  • You can’t sleep less than five hours a day – it shortens the life.
  • Not worth watching TV, scientists say that for every hour of watching TV we are paying 22 minutes of life.
  • If you try to sit less, it will help women to avoid obesity.
  • A large number of cosmetics with oil based may damage the skin.
  • Intake of beneficial fats such as omega-3 in fish, prolongs youthfulness and enhance health. In addition, experts advise not to slouch, it really adds years.