The Romanian Parliament refused to send the government in resignation

The Romanian Parliament at the meeting on Wednesday did not support the vote of no confidence in the government under the leadership of Sorin Grindeanu, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The initiative to vote of no confidence in the Cabinet made of the opposition national liberal party (PNL) and the party “Union of salvation of Romania.” Later this proposal was supported by the parliamentary group of the party “people’s movement”. According to the legislation of the country, for the expression of the vote needed the support of 233 deputies 465-local bicameral Parliament.

The censure motion was supported by 161 deputies and senators.

The project is a vote of no confidence was called “Grindeanu Government – the Government of national scorn. Not legalized stealing in Romania.”

Earlier, Prime Minister in an interview to local media said that a vote of no confidence initiated by the opposition, will not work, as the Social democratic party a majority in Parliament.

Later, the Chairman of the ruling Social democratic party of Romania Liviu Dragnea noted that the Cabinet has no reason to resign and announced that “the government Grindeanu has his full support.”

Anti-government demonstrations recently held across Romania, despite the fact that on Sunday cabin quashed the amendments to the criminal code, which began mass protests. The amendments could lead to the release from prison of convicted in corruption cases supporters of the ruling party. Continued for several days in a row to protest the press calls the most ambitious in the last 25 years.