How to protect cars against hacking: tips to the police

Most thefts from vehicles occur at night. Criminals choose cars that are parked near high-rise buildings in dark places. Break the glass, picking the lock or break the door, and then stolen from the salon all the valuables. Sometimes, the thieves removed the wheels.

To protect your car from burglary, the police of the Kherson region recommends the following tips:

  • surely equip the car with the alarm system;
  • lock the car, even if you leave for a few minutes;
  • in crowded places, leave the car where there is camera outdoor video surveillance;
  • do not leave the keys in the ignition, even in those cases when you leave your car in the private garage;
  • if possible, at night, leave the car in the garage with secure locks or in the Parking lot, which is guarded. If this is not possible, never leave your car in a place where bad lighting;
  • do not leave the car documents, money and other valuable things.


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“Dear citizens, if you found a broken glass of your car and the disappearance of objects from the cabin, immediately contact the police by phone “102” and wait for the arrival of investigatory-operative group”, – emphasized law enforcement.

Recall, the patrol police Department of Ukraine called the percentage of accidents involving a car in a foreign room.