“Centrenergo” refused to state coal in favor of gas Kolomoisky

Acting Minister of energy to request an economic justification of such a step

The state company “Centrenergo” started their units running on natural gas. Purchases are made from the company “United energy” associated with Igor Kolomoisky. This was in response to a question , the acting Minister Olga Bukovec
at a conference in Minamaneho said a member of the Directorate of state company Sergei Kolesnikov, according to “Obozrevatel”.

He said that “Centrenergo” started on oil-gas blocks. “With regard to the fifth block. The economic effect from this. The situation in the gas market is known to all. The price of fame. Therefore, considering, not chaotic, not thoughtlessly made”, – said Kolesnikov.

In response to a clarification question Busevec who supplies gas to state-owned enterprise, Kolesnikov said: “the Resource? A company “United energy”. We pay, we contracted”.

Also Busevec asked to prepare for the next meeting information about the terms on which contracts which exchange the purchase and asked to provide the economic rationale for such actions.

“I remind you, spent a lot of public funds on the transfer of units of anthracite, which has not extracted we have, and are ORDO, in order to put them to work on the mark “G”, which is produced including at state-owned mines. We have information that there is a large surplus of coal in warehouses. Practise this question from the point of view of optimization of your blocks and I want to see the economic rationale for these actions,”said Kolesnikov Bukovec.

Recall that the first and the largest importer of Russian electricity, after the opening of imports on the initiative of Andrei Gerus, was the company “United energy”, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky

In the autumn of 2019, the media published information that the state company “Centrenergo” has signed a contract for the purchase of Russian coal by 400 million UAH from Boryspil unknown firm, “Oil Force”, is the founder and Director of which is directly related to the activities of the group “Privat” Kolomoisky. And “Centrenergo” was buying coal at UAH 2,500 per ton, which was considerably higher than the price calculated by the formula “Rotterdam +”, which is 1740 UAH per ton.

At the same time produced from this coal electricity, according to the investigation of “Business-Censor” the company sells at a reduced rate to companies, including Ferroalloy plants owned by Igor Kolomoisky and Victor Pinchuk.

We will remind, a month earlier, the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the independent trade Union of miners Mikhail Volynets said that the head of the energy Committee of the Parliament Andrei Gerus need to dismiss for the destruction of Ukraine’s energy security

And on the eve Volynets said that the duty of “Centrenergo” before goehte already reached half a billion hryvnia.