What was known Hillary Clinton about the Russian intervention?

While the search for evidence of the existence of a conspiracy between the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump and the Russian government have been going on for more than a year, one of the most influential members of Congress, representing the Republican party, sees more and more evidence that Russia is conducting a long-term campaign against implementation of the energy agenda currently promoted by Donald trump. Today the Committee on science of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress sent the author of this article, the following statement from its Chairman Lamar Smith (Lamar Smith):

“If you bring together disparate facts, it becomes clear that Russia funded environmental organizations in an attempt to harm our local oil and gas industry; in particular, those companies that use hydraulic fracturing or fracking. They created an elaborated scheme by which the money is transferred through shell companies in Bermuda. This scheme may violate Federal law, and it certainly distorts the U.S. energy market. Americans deserve to know the truth, and I am sure that the Minister Mnuchin (Mnuchin) will investigate these allegations.”

He has in mind Stephen Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin), Minister of Finance in the Cabinet of trump. On Friday, Mr. Smith published a letter he and chair of the Subcommittee on energy Randy Weber (Randy Weber) sent to Mr. Mnuchin with a request to investigate “what appears as a coordinated effort of foreign organizations that are leading millions of dollars through various non-profit organizations to influence American energy market.” These two members of the Republican party of Texas added: “According to former NATO Secretary General, “Russia, conducting sophisticated operations according to the information and disinformation is actively working with the so-called non — governmental organizations such as environmental groups against shale gas — to maintain dependence on imported Russian natural gas.” Other officials believe that the same scheme is applied in the United States.”

In the letter, Mr. Smith and Mr. Weber also stated that, according to open sources, including the 2014 report of experts of the Republican party in the Senate Committee on environment and public works “associated with the Russian government organizations use a shell company in Bermuda, called Klein Ltd. for tens of millions of dollars in the United States private Foundation supporting various conservation groups. In response to the request of the author of this article Roderick Forrest (Roderick M. Forrest) from the Bermuda company Wakefield Quin Limited reports in your email: These charges are totally false and irresponsible. Our firm represents the company Klein since its inception, and we can categorically say that this philanthropic organization has never received and not spent the money from the Russian or related to Russian sources and that the company Klein has no Russian ties.”

Leaving aside the question about what instruments does Putin’s government for the company to influence, it should be noted that not only these two members of the Republican party of Texas prosecute a more General nature regarding the financing of Russia representatives of the green front for disruption of energy supply, able to compete with Russian oil and natural gas. If you believe the paper published last year by the WikiLeaks website, the staff of election campaign of Clinton in the electronic Appendix summarized the comments of Hillary Clinton on this issue during one of her private performances:

Clinton talked about a “fake environmental organizations”, financed by the Russians to counter the construction of pipelines and fraging. “We see that Russia is pushing the oligarchs and other people to buy media. We are also phony environmental groups. I am an active defender of the environment, but these groups receive funding from the Russian in order to speak out against all attempts — and this pipeline, Oh, the fracking, and any thing will be a problem for you, whereas the big money that supports a similar message was received from Russia.”

Getting acquainted further with a synopsis of quoted speech in the published WikiLeaks document, the author of this article was amazed at how much more sensible were the private comments of Ms. Clinton compared to its public stance:

“Clinton raised the issue of the promotion of construction of pipelines and fracking in Eastern Europe. “How far will this aggressiveness, in my opinion, it depends on us. I would like us to more actively supported the construction of a pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe. I wish we were in search of ways to increase domestic home production. Poland has recently signed a major contract to carry out works with the use of hydraulic fracturing to determine what results it is possible to achieve. Obviously, there is assumed the existence of a good stock. And if vigorously take up this work, it will be beneficial and a smart move. Russian are able to scare you only if you depend on them”.

It is obvious that Hillary Clinton knows this area and, possibly, Mr. Mnuchin (his Ministry has expertise in regard to surveillance of international financial flows) must begin the investigation by conducting interviews with former Secretary of state. Perhaps he will also get some idea about the Russian strategy of creating obstacles for alternative sources of fossil fuels after a conversation with the former head of the electoral headquarters of Clinton Mr. John Podesta (John Podesta).

John Podesta has recently appeared in the news after President trump’s a strange way on the page in Twitter reported from Germany that “all” at the G20 summit talking about the answer is the former assistant to Clinton and Obama about perfect last year, the theft of electronic communications of the Democrats and their subsequent publication. More important question about the Russian efforts to undermine the us oil and gas industry is that Mr. Podesta was part of the Board of Directors for a startup in the field of solar energy, in which he invested funds with one Fund supported by the Russian government.

Last year, the official representative of the campaign headquarters, Clinton said that after the return of Mr. Podestà in the White house in 2014, he “transferred all of its assets to that involved in solar energy companies “to their adult children”. Last month, he did not seem more willing to discuss the details of this story with Maria Bartiromo (Maria Bartiromo), host of the Fox Business Network than his grown-up daughter, when yours truly called her last year.

Perhaps, Mr. Mnuchin will be able to get the full picture, if you use the knowledge of Mr. Podestà relative to investment strategies in the energy field.