Scientists have discovered what causes back pain

It turns out that people often overestimate the level of pain and stiffness in the back. This is found researchers from the University of South Australia in experiments with 15 volunteers suffering from chronic pain and stiffness in the back, and 15 participants without these complaints, reports “Orthodox”.

First, volunteers were asked to evaluate the level of stiffness. Then, in the first experiment, the scientists pressed on the spine of the parties to determine its stiffness. In the second experiment, the volunteers had to evaluate the strength pressure. The third experiment, the researchers tried to figure out how the sounds affect the feeling of stiffness in participants.


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Experiments have shown people with chronic back pain had overestimated the pressure. Moreover, participants with a more pronounced feeling of stiffness substantially overestimated this effect.

So, a feeling of stiffness affect the sensitivity of the spine. But from the stiffness of the spine it is not dependent. In addition, the stiffness can be managed with the help of sounds. It intensified when unpleasant sounds and faded in a more pleasant. According to scientists, probably the stiffness is a defense mechanism that allows people with back pain to avoid traffic.

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