In Idlib bombed a Syrian refugee camp

In Syria, government aircraft launched an air strike on the refugee camp in Idlib, with the result that there are dead and wounded.

It is reported by Anadolu news Agency with reference to the representative of the office of civil defense in Idlib Hamid of Kutani.

“Military aircraft of the Assad regime attacked a refugee camp in the area of Maarat al-Numan of Idlib province in Northern Syria. The airstrike has killed, in addition, dozens of people were injured”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the camp was dropped three bombs on parachutes. In the area of the bombing sent rescue teams.

On the eve of the victims of the airstrike in Idlib province were more than ten civilians, the bombing also damaged a hospital.

Also note that, according to media reports, the Syrian authorities moved the aircraft closer to the Russian military base Hamim, to protect them from missile strikes, U.S. and coalition.