Who is Lech Walesa: hero or liar?

The Institute of national remembrance of Poland on 31 January of the current year, presented the opinion of the Krakow Institute of forensic expertise, confirming the cooperation of Lech Walesa with the security service of the former NDP. Experts have proven that the legendary Solidarity leader and former Polish President signed in December 1970, the obligation of cooperation with the Communist security service, and later was an informer and signed receipts for this work money. These documents were found in the personal file of the employee secret under the pseudonym “Bolek”, held in the archives of the late General of state security was Kisaka.

The conclusions of the experts has caused extreme reactions in the circles of former allies of the anti-Communist opposition. Polish Radio invited me to the conversation of two prominent politicians, former leaders of “Solidarity”, Jan Limanskogo and Corneille Moravcova.

Polish Radio: the Question is simple and at the same time very complicated: who is Lech Walesa?

Jan litynski:
Lech Walesa is Lech Walesa. The leader of the “Solidarity” movement, which peacefully overthrew communism.

Corneille Moravicki: Yes, Lech Walesa — leader of Solidarity, which peacefully overthrew communism. But Lech Walesa is also a cheat, a liar, who was a security agent. And this truth needs to be disclosed to the public, for the poles. Otherwise it would be a falsification of history.

— Did the report about the handwriting analysis submitted by the Institute of national remembrance and experts of the Cracow Institute of forensic expertise, on your attitude to Lech Walesa?

Jan litynski: No, not affected, because it was quite obvious that Walesa all signed that worked. The greatness of Lech Walesa that he managed to get out of the entanglement that at some point he made a very bold move and ceased contacts with the security service. I don’t know all the material, but from what I’ve read and, frankly, still has me unsure that they really relate to Walesa, but let’s say that this is so expressive, it follows that a worker who is afraid of bloodshed, not afraid for myself but for the people with whom he works, signing papers on cooperation, believing that thereby he would prevent the repression. But then starts to make demands, to speak of power, what should she do. At some point, comes to the conclusion that it does nothing, and is spiraling out of control. If you remember what happened in 1970, as the security service pursued the workers, Lech Walesa received genicheske.


Corneille Moravicki: I would like to believe the words of Jan Limanskogo that Lech Walesa has broken out of the shackles. But I’m not sure, I don’t know whether this is so. There’s no proof, but there is a different kind of evidence that is not broke… But the problem is much deeper — the problem of truth. Lech Walesa himself is not telling the truth, and his entourage too. Here’s Yang said the cooperation Walesa in security was obvious. But why, you — our friends — didn’t mention it earlier, if it was so obvious? Why not recognized? Why you need to wait for opening “folders” General Kisaka? How could you do that?

Jan litynski: If you read my statement 1992 after I worked in the Commission on lustration created by Antoni Mazarevica, at that time Minister of the interior, you will see that I said almost the same thing now. I said that we do not know the exact course of events, but I can imagine that Lech Walesa was once broken. You can refer to the words of Walesa, who admitted: “Yeah”. It was an act of desperation and hope… But we absolutely know that since 1977, the year he led a movement by which communism collapsed. And today I can reiterate what I said 25 years ago. Just today, our knowledge has widened a bit. I stress a little.

— However, Lech Walesa does not cease to affirm that not worked, is not informed, did not take the money. He says that all the incriminating materials fabricated. Could the experts make a mistake? After all, says lawyer Ian Widacki, the handwriting of the ordinary worker in the 1970-ies and handwriting Walesa, who has made a huge step forward, read a lot and wrote very different?

Corneille Moravicki: Let’s finish this “dance of insanity”. It is not serious. Without graphological study, it is clear that General Kiszczak could not hold false documents, because it is pointless. All signs on earth and in the sky point to the fact that wałęsa collaborated with the security service, and many years. But in 1992 no Jan litynski, not even the Minister of Macierewicz not release information that Lech Walesa was a secret agent. There was no such publication. And the whole “Round table”, which I would call “semi-circular” covered Lech Walesa and held the truth from the poles almost 30 years. So, Poland suffered tremendous damage. And Lech Walesa too much lost. Today we can only regret that he did not admit that no one is forced to tell the truth. I still hope that he will tell the truth, tells us the poles, they will repent, and we will all live in a better Poland.