Interested in the management of the Ukrainian GTS show four major global companies – “Naftogaz”

Interest in the management of gas transportation system (GTS) of Ukraine show four major global companies – operators of gas transmission systems.

This broadcast one of the national TV channels said the head of Board of National joint stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV.

“Our CTA needs to be pragmatically interesting. We have four specific interested parties. It’s 4 major companies in the world. Two of them are the greatest. They are the owners and operators of large (gas – ed.) systems in Europe. For them it is a strategically interesting and potentially financially interested. He came to us and negotiate on what would be the condition of entry into the Ukrainian GTS”, – said Kobolyev.


  • “Naftogaz” will not remove the claim and to cancel the claims to “Gazprom”

The head of “Naftogaz” stressed that the European companies now choose between two proposals: Ukrainian and Russian.

“They choose between the options. Them offers its own version of “Gazprom” and they have an offer from us. The offer of “Gazprom” very interesting “Northern Stream – 2” on its financial performance is an interesting project. “Gazprom” offers a 50% guarantee, money. We need to become not less interesting is the competition, this market”, – said Kobolyev.

Earlier it was reported that “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” have not achieved the necessary progress on the price formula for gas.