How to forget about contact lenses and glasses found in an incredible way

The canadian company Ocumetics Technology Corporation is currently conducting clinical trials of the bionic lens. It is a dynamic lens which is in the treatment of cataracts, one of the most common eye diseases will be used to replace damaged, according to

In that case, if the trials are successful, patients no longer need contact lenses and glasses. Install bionic lenses doctors will be able after a couple of years. Dynamic artificial lens can provide excellent vision: it is connected with the muscles responsible for changing the curvature of the lens and can adapt as viewing objects further away and looking at what is next. To work artificial lens requires only one-hundredth of the energy that is spent by the body in the management of this lens means that the eyes the day will not get tired from the constant focus.


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The development of canadian scientists believe they will be able to provide people with vision. Not only that, patients will be able to clearly see objects located too far from them, they will be able to instantly focus on close small objects, examining them in minute detail.

However, Garth Webb (Garth Webb), one of the creators of the bionic lens, said that calling the new development a panacea is impossible. Lens will not help at all eye diseases and vision problems. It is, for example, is absolutely useless in severe forms of macular degeneration, color blindness, corneal opacity and other diseases.

Developers are already informed about the cost bionic lens – it will cost about $ 3,200 apiece, not counting the cost of its installation.