The Cabinet has decided who will receive academic scholarship

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the procedure of assignment and payment of scholarships to students who have the possibility of receiving academic scholarships 40-45% of students of higher educational institutions.

According to the decree No. 1050, dated 28 December 2016, to address issues on the appointment and deprivation of academic or social scholarships, financial assistance for students, cadets, non-military higher education institutions, clinical residents and postgraduate students, encouraging the best of them for academic success, participation in social, sports and scientific activities by the head of the institution formed scholarship Committee. The Commission consists of the head of the institution, representatives of financial departments, deans of faculties (Directors of institutes, heads of departments), representatives of the student government (including student unions). The number of persons representing the Commission, the student government must be at least 50% of the total composition of the Commission.

If the scholar is entitled to the appointment of several academic scholarships, one scholarship shall be paid maximum size, unless otherwise required by law.

Universities within the funds provided for scholarships, academic scholarships administered according to the rating of performance, based on objective and transparent characteristics, direct measurements of educational achievements of applicants of higher education for each subject and which included all students enrolled at a particular faculty on the day form of training on the appropriate course and profession.

Component of success must be at least 90% of the rating points. The ranking is published on the official website of the institution not later than three working days after adoption of the corresponding decisions of the scholarship Committee.

Before summing up each term control, the scientific Council determines the same for all faculties, courses and qualifications limit to the fellows who will be appointed by the academic scholarship on this term control. This figure is set in the range of 40-45% of the actual number of students of day form of education.