Hair coloring: what makes a woman several decades older

Many women believe that hair coloring is safe and very effective way to become more effective and younger. But provided that you are not mistaken with a choice of shade and generally did the right thing, said “Home”.


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Now, remember the main mistakes in hair coloring:

  • Solid dyeing is the main mistake that women seeking help with painting to look younger. It turns a flat shade with no transitions, or modulations, which weights the image and, of course, makes you look older. Usually this error is made by women who prefer home colouring. Especially when you choose a color more than two shades darker than it was.
  • I advise colorists? To apply to the master in the cabin to manually paint individual strands of a lighter tone that will add depth color, hair volume, the image of lightness and ease.
  • The choice of color, as close as possible to the natural color of the hair that was in his youth. With age, the pigment gets not only hair, but skin – she, like strands, it becomes more pale and colorless. You need to take this into account, when deciding on the color.
  • When you notice gray hair and decide to paint, ask the master do you paint a little lighter – it would be more natural. While coloring in the color that you had at the time of occurrence of gray hair (and some women do still darker), will make the appearance has more contrast and sharp, and it makes you look older.
  • Failure to paint the gray hair – not a very good solution if you want to look younger. Yes, silver hair trend, but this trendy color has nothing to do with gray hair. It is large and complex, rich in pigments, the gray same – flat and faded.
  • In gray hair no game tones, and it robs you of the expression. So if you still want to keep the gray hair, its color, add some warm notes. It is warm and not ashy as you want.
  • Neglecting the care for colored hair gray. A very serious mistake. The gray hairs themselves are rough and dry, and staining, especially cheap corrosive paints, even more of their damage. As a result, bright oakum head and not hair. To prevent this, choose high-quality paint (preferably professional) and provide the hair with intensive care (masks required).
  • Too dark hair in front of face. It makes a person very tired and adds age. Try to color the strands so that near the face, they were bright, and the color – deep and voluminous, with overflow.