Deodorants can cause serious disease, British scientists

British researchers have found a link between the aluminium contained in deodorants and breast cancer. Analyses have shown that women who use deodorant, aluminum accumulates in the outer tissues of the mammary glands, reports the Daily Mail.

Aluminum salts contained in most deodorants, as this metal is effective in the suppression of the secretions of the sweat glands.

The scientists analyzed the amount of aluminum contained in the breast tissue of 17 women operated. It was found that the levels of aluminum in cancerous tissues is much higher than in the tissues of healthy women.


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One of the leaders of the study explained: “Conducted on animals have shown that aluminum is really causing cancer. You need to make sure that the aluminum salts contained in deodorants, do not cause the occurrence of malignant tumors”.

Manufacturers of deodorants in all of this continues to assure that they use in the production of aluminium are completely harmless.