What is the syndrome night cravings and how to fight it

If you are not familiar with the syndrome night appetite (SLEEP), you can even doubt that it exists. It is very difficult to understand those who wakes up in the night and raided the refrigerator. But the problem exists. About how to solve it, writes likar.info.

Syndrome night appetite was first described by Standardom grace Wolfe in 1955. Describing the syndrome, the scientist noted worsening of mood, increasing anxiety and irritability in the evening (reducing the negative manifestations of the syndrome occurs after a hearty snack). People suffering from this syndrome, disturbed biological rhythms, hormones and metabolism, there is a state of emotional hypoglycemia.

In Ukraine, the syndrome night appetite while not classified nosological form, as pathological state of increased evening/night appetite (hyperphagia). According to expert estimates, the syndrome affects 9% of the total population. This syndrome occurs equally often in men and women.

Unfortunately, SLEEP is not harmless and can cause damage to your health and impair your quality of life. This condition has a negative impact on the function of the stomach and intestines. People with the syndrome night appetite, a tendency toward flatulence and constipation, as due to variance in diet, food remains long in the intestine. In addition, eating just before bedtime can cause the development of gastro-esophagal-reflux disease.

Symptoms of night appetite

There are some signs, the presence of which confirms the presence of SLEEP:

– morning unwillingness there is;

– increased appetite in the evening;

– episodes of uncontrolled eating;

– night awakenings, are associated with the sudden appearance of appetite. Wake-up can be irregular from time to time the person may not Wake up at night, but later, the Wake-up resume;

– sleep disorders (superficial, restless, restless sleep with frequent awakenings).

Why pull to the refrigerator

American experts conducted a series of studies on the topic of the syndrome night appetite. So, one of them single-photon emission computed tomography showed a significant increase in serotonin transporters in the midbrain of people suffering from the syndrome night appetite.

The increased level of the serotonin Transporter leads to a decrease in postsynaptic serotonin transmission and can disrupt circadian rhythms and a feeling of fullness. Due to the action of the transporters of serotonin, the chemical composition of the brain, the person has depression, anxiety, hostility. These negative emotions, merged with the guilt associated with a non-traditional style of food, form the ideal breeding ground for aggravation of psychological problems.

What comes first is a psychological problem that causes the syndrome night appetite or poor diet throughout the day? Many people, faced with this syndrome, reported that prior to his appearance they had been through a stressful period in my life. Also the emergence of a syndrome associated with a high level of anxiety and countervailing sense of satisfaction from food.

According to experts, a clue may give heredity and hormonal imbalances that affect sleep and stress levels.

Other possible causes of night appetite:

– a strict diet;

– inadequate or improper diet;

– depression, anxiety, regular stress;

– food addiction.

How to fight in syndrome night appetite

First of all, to effectively combat syndrome night appetite, you need to contact the therapist, who must establish the true cause of the problem. Diagnosed, the doctor will be able to offer adequate therapy. Also not superfluous will be to go to a therapist and dietician that will help you to better understand the causes of such disorders and recommend the right diet.

In the struggle with SLEEP can help:

– psychotherapy. This method can help identify causes and symptoms of the disorder. Then the therapist will suggest possible ways of solving the problem;

– consult a nutritionist. If the syndrome is triggered by unhealthy diet, a nutritionist can help you adjust your diet and nutrition, and to advise what measures should be taken to return to their previous quality of life;

hormonal supplements. In the case when the cause of the syndrome is a hormonal imbalance to help your body return on track, restore the sleep mode and resume normal feeding behavior can hormonal supplements;

selective inhibitors of reverse capture of serotonin – a number of studies have confirmed the usefulness of these drugs as the treatment of the syndrome night appetite. Research on the benefits of SSRI’s to combat SLEEP is in the early stages, however, their results are encouraging.