The Cabinet has allocated 800 million UAH for the reconstruction of three airports

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agreed on the direction of 800 million UAH of funds for reconstruction in three Ukrainian airports. The relevant government decree was adopted at the meeting on 6 September.

According to the decree “On amending resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from February 24, 2016 No. 126, dated 22 September 2016 no. 714”, these funds are determined by the State target program of airport development for the period until 2023 and are redistributed within it.


  • Odessa airport gained a new terminal

The document provides:

  • for the design, renovation and construction of the airfield complex of the Odessa airport in the current year – UAH 500 million;
  • for the reconstruction of the airfield airport in Chernivtsi – UAH 100 million;
  • for the reconstruction of the Vinnitsa airport is UAH 200 million.

Odessa airport in 2018, according to the program, should get another 1.17 billion UAH for reconstruction.