Weather forecast: the week will be warm, clear and without rain

This year March 8 Reuters forecasters promise the Ukrainians warm and Sunny weather.

Even in the Western regions and in the Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia, where the first two days of the week will be to drizzle rain, to feast the clouds will part. In the afternoon the air will warm up to 7-9 degrees Celsius in the West and North and up to +13-14 in other regions. Night frosts weather forecasters do not predict, although the nights are always colder to +1.3 degrees. Meteosite also promise a week of heat — the national average +10-14 a day and 1-3 at night. Only in the Carpathians slight night frosts to -3.

But the second half of March is expected to be much colder than the first and with precipitation — from 17th to 23rd will dodici, even in places of possible wet snow. The air temperature drops to +3-5 degrees, and on some days even during the day everywhere except in the southern regions, are expected to light frosts to -3. The national forecaster Leonid Gorban also does not believe in a final and irreversible warming: according to his calculations, will cool almost the whole month, from 15 to 24 March there will be rain, but no snow. To thaw truly begin only after 23rd.