How to cure a cold at home: best tips

Rhinitis can occur at any time of the year. The symptoms of the common cold include malaise, weakness, nasal congestion or the occurrence of an abundant mucous discharge from it, itchy nose, redness of the eyes. Symptoms can vary depending on which etiological factors caused the rhinitis, writes

The disease is caused by bacteria, viruses or allergens will have different manifestations. To learn more about the causes, symptoms, types of rhinitis. Rhinitis is not a reason for hospitalization, since this pathology is not heavy, nor to ignore the problem and not worth it. Most people treat running nose at home, because self-treatment can be quite effective if you know and correctly apply the methods of struggle with this disease.

We should immediately clarify that to make their own medicines, which may appoint only a doctor, it is impossible. Each medicine has its contraindications, peculiarities of action and dosage. To cure common cold they can be used only under the supervision of a specialist. Self-treatment with these drugs, without certain knowledge can lead to other health problems.


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Good effect in treating the common cold has a warming up of the sinuses. You can use hot salt or boiled eggs boiled eggs that are gently applied to the areas of the sinuses. Salt or eggs should not be very hot and wrapped in cloth to prevent skin burns.

With abundant nasal discharge, mucoid, or even purulent character, it is possible to use salt solutions which are buried in the nasal cavity. Also useful are the drops with vasoconstrictor effect. They relieve inflammation and swelling, thereby freeing the nose from congestion. Note that rhinitis may be of allergic etiology. In this case, you need to figure out the nature of the allergen, triggering the occurrence of runny nose, and eliminate it. You also need to use desensitizing and immunostimulatory drugs.