Scientists have discovered when the home mouse began to live with a man

Mouse settled near the person of 15 thousand years ago, scientists have found, by publishing their study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

As previously thought, the mouse began to live with a man when there were agriculture. But the study of fossil remains of mice, found in the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean sea) showed that they settled next to the man already 15 thousand years ago – three thousand years before the advent of agriculture.

It is noted that at this time in the territory of the Levant was dominated by naturista culture, and the main occupations of the population were hunting, fishing and collecting grains of wild grasses.

Scientists believe that this discovery will clarify some aspects of the life of ancient people. For example, to fill the gaps in the history of the transition from the lifestyle of hunters and gatherers to agriculture. This can be done by studying the shape and size of teeth house mice.