Secrets of State: the TV from the President and major underground

We continue the theme on the protection of VIP-persons, initiated earlier, talking to our experts, one of whom held a considerable post in the now disbanded the traffic police (organized support tuples) and the other in Gosohrany doing specifically protective services and high-ranking officials. Talking about past times, for the protection of the current leaders of our country are classified.

— There were cases when the order of the VIP motorcade broke, for example, by the President — remember veterans. — Viktor Yushchenko, for example, sometimes off guard, he sat behind the wheel, and the car took someone from his closest people. Once rode from their Bezradichi in the administration of the President, himself at the wheel, with the Paton bridge and took a turn on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka. And they all scored, tube! Scandal! But nothing went the team to change the route, somewhere managed to work the traffic cops, directing cars to frontage roads, where, on the contrary, the policeman turned off the lights and give you maximum travel in the direction of the convoy to quickly everything was moving. And where nothing can be done, and there was a column in the tube.

But in fact, Kiev is to do it the easiest way, experts say. Here in those times worked more than 1,000 traffic police officers from the city and the regiment, all options are pre-counted. Were schemes of work in different situations, even if you suddenly change the route, no matter for what reason. In General, there was always two paths: primary and backup. However, if the primary overlap GAI at 100%, backup — 25-30%. So, if anything, had to deploy people and equipment. But to block all possible routes, of course, it was not possible, then acted based on the situation. But if all went according to plan, in Kiev, everything was worked out to seconds. There is a tuple of, say, 20 seconds before entering the intersection runs out directing traffic and provides travel. This was controlled by the regimental commander of traffic police, his Deputy and part of the duty.

It was especially difficult when in the middle of simultaneously driving three-tuple: the President, Prime Minister and the head of BP. But worked very smoothly. Now there is a division in the preventive management of militia of Kiev, which is engaged in the support, but they have no such forces and means as before. Then just “Cobra” was for the platoon support of the experts for each of the main Troika of President, Prime Minister and the head of BP. And there were only two battalions.
In cases of any eventuality the decision, on the advice of people from the staff vehicle, took the chief bodyguard, after the report of the protected person. That, of course, the final decision. He reported the situation, for example, ahead of the demonstration, the people demand something, he says: turn or go straight. Here Leonid Kuchma was often ordered to reach the people who went to him, talked.


In Ukraine during the years of independence, experts say, is really dangerous was the situation, when a mine exploded under the car of Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko. Memorable was the story of Viktor Yanukovych’s motorcade when the departure from Kiev at Boryspil highway emergency of this column collided with a taxi car.

Once a traffic police car from the motorcade of one of the protected persons knocked the girl on the Chernihiv highway. She ran across the road, and the column shot out from behind a corner… the Motorcade never stops, it becomes only the car that got in an accident situation. Even if something happened with the car, which drove the President, a car with a driver is left in place and protected person is transplanted into another car. The procedure is the transplant difficult, avoiding shots or other trouble. Procedure take transplant on the strength of 1.5—2 seconds, President of cover from all sides guards in flak jackets, and where there is space, you protected bronekapsuly. This is such a suitcase, which, if necessary, disclosed in the form BRONOWICE. In any case, even if just a busted wheel. While correctly not approach the other car, don’t run up the guards protecting the President goes out of his armored limousine. And in some cases body armor and are protected persons if you have information about the threat. It is not rude army “armor”, of course, and light white Kevlar, which is not something that under a jacket under a shirt to put on. In short, unceremoniously the protected person will not take, we must prepare. But as you begin to prepare, it will recognize the security services, the experts laugh…


I went once the President’s motorcade on the highway. And ahead of the cortege trailed some filthy bus. His head car of a train tried to get to accept to the right, as the speed of the motorcade all the rules should be high, but the bus as it was gradually sawing and sawing. A tuple it somehow skirted, and the rear of the column was driving special vehicle of the traffic police, whose responsibility it was part of the showdown with all sorts of traffic rules violators. Traffic cops this bus Kiev — Novgorod-Seversky stopped, asked the driver to the right. And he said, “Boys, do we have a Protocol to make and a right to take, you also have more hassle! But just a few hours ago right will bring!” But the traffic police did not agree, turned out to be in vain! After a couple of hours already came to the team, as they say, from the top — driver’s license back! It turned out the driver had some relevance to the high power environment, had someone complain that he overreacted. Judging by the behavior of the driver, not for the first time.

Somehow one of the Ukrainian Prime Minister suddenly decided to visit the mine. And certainly, to go down there, mingle with the people. The mine exploded advanced security team to check everything. And that’s down in the mine on a special Elevator Prime Minister, sees nearby a man in a helmet, overalls. The head of the government to him: “How are you?” — “Yeah OK”. — “Pay pennies on time?” — “In time”. The high official looked at it, and something rattled him. Asks: “who are you?” He says, “Major…”.

Other case. The President arrives in Boryspil and was on his way to residence in Zalesie. On the ring road around the brewery is directing traffic, second Lieutenant. Suddenly he stops near the motorcade, from the middle of the car the… the President! And asked, saying the name like life… He says that Sergei, it’s okay. The President praised the behavior and said the brave policemen will encourage, and even TV he will be awarded!
The next day the order of the interior Minister early assignment Sergey special rank “militia Lieutenant” has been signed, the officer solemnly handed shoulder straps. And he asks a large officer: “And where is the TV?” All were dumbfounded… it Turns out that in the bowels of the bureaucratic machine somewhere in the President’s words on the TV were lost, leaving only the title. Of course, this was quickly corrected and TV presented. But all worked up because not to obey the order of President is fraught.

Was once President Leonid Kuchma’s meeting with the people in Dnipropetrovsk, was not the first. And protection noticed a particularly active woman all the time with some posters tried to get closer. Reported that the activist, Leonid Danilovich, he ordered to approach her. Had to cross the road. All this time the woman was shouting something, abused the power. But when she was approached by the head of state, confused and silent. Kuchma asked her, say what you want, tell me I’m close. The scored was in the air light… and gasped: “Yes, I want to hug you, Leonid Danilovich!”.

Security. VIPs can protect and snipers of the State guard


Protection of VIPs is not only state protection of Ukraine and the Ministry of interior, security service of Ukraine. Some trouble had a chance to get “Today” said Alexander Tereshchenko, the former Lieutenant Colonel of militia:

— When I was in the “Titan” (a special unit of civil service of protection at the interior Ministry, now the Department of police protection. — Ed.) I was assigned to guard a very important person — the Ambassador of the African state, and brother of the President of this country, says Tereshchenko, by the way, and now working in the field of protection. — His residence was actually in Stockholm, but in terms of his powers he was also Ambassador in almost all countries of the CIS, including in Ukraine.

The reason for our meeting was that disappeared in Kharkov student from that country. Disappeared, and for several days nobody knew where he was. The parents got worried, turned for help to the Embassy. At the scene, Kharkov, Kiev has decided to leave the Ambassador, the Consul and the translator. And I was sent on a business trip (also from Kiev) to protect the Ambassador. A car with driver allocated the Directorate maintenance of foreign missions in Kiev. I put on not long ago introduced a new form of “Titan”, is very cool and beautiful, with his black beret, logo, open the holster with the gun of Israeli manufacture. In regions a form not yet seen. In short, superspecies, Ukrainian Rambo.

HOT SPOTS. Arrived in Kharkiv, asked the local CID, they organized a search of the student in different places and acquaintances. We checked into the hotel, where there was a curious episode that influenced the attitude of the Ambassador to me. To his room in the evening crammed a lot of compatriots, mostly students, who studied together with the missing man. It’s late, almost night, in the room invited me (I settled in the next.) And students, seeing this tough COP (policeman actually) in the form, then wanted me to bypass the night all hot spots of the city, where, they thought, could “hang” their mate. However, I their ardor cooled, saying that my task is the protection of our Ambassador, not the search for the missing. Looking for let search. If the Ambassador will go alone in the night in pubs and bars, of course, I will go. But it is not a step! So students are frustrated and left with nothing — Ambassador to roam the haunts of Vice did not. Later my translator said that the Ambassador was very appreciated me doing this.
We then stayed in Kharkov for a few days, the student was never found. In the evenings, the local authorities organized the Ambassador’s leisure, often “covering the field”. Of course, I was not fun anymore, I’m on duty, can not drink. Once my players decided to do without the masters of the city and went to the bar. Of course, I’m with them, in uniform, with weapons. It is useful, though without firing. We have long looked askance group of skinheads, I understand that Africans were not to their liking. And let me remind you, three of them (though the translator citizenship was ours, a Ukrainian, because he married a girl from Vinnitsa, took citizenship and lived there, it simply attracted a one-off for the Ambassador).

Thugs a good signature, and one decided to show who’s boss. But now he saw only from the back. Approached, started to say something, and suddenly caught view on my epaulet, Chevron and the gun. I even have to do anything did not exchange glances, and the young man departed with the words: “the Boss, understood everything, was wrong, sorry.”

“I WENT TO AFRICA!”. In short, we returned to Kiev, and the Ambassador invited me to a farewell dinner in the restaurant of the hotel “Dnepr”, where he stopped. Of course, without uniforms and weapons, already in a friendly way. Sat, and then the Ambassador and said, “You know that my brother is the President of our country. If I ever become President, it will take you to his head of security. Will you go?” Of course, I thanked him, but imagine how “invisible” I’ll be there, in this country, which is at the heart of real Africa. And the guard should not stand out, it is an axiom.

About a month later I was again assigned to the Ambassador for protection. It turned out that the missing student was found alive and unharmed, some were with him semi-criminal story. But the Ambassador arrived in Kiev to withdraw the student from Kharkov home and asked again to take me to the guard. I arrived at the “Premier Palace”, where he stopped the Ambassador, got out of the car, in the form, as expected. And then from the hotel there is a whole delegation of diplomats led by the Ambassador. He told me words don’t gave to say that I saw and with some exclamation in his language opened my arms. The picture was still the same: colorful diplomat in the center of Kiev hugging a police officer! People already mouths Paraskevas…

For memory. Alexander Tereshchenko (front left) and African Ambassador (right rear), front translator. Photo: archive of A. Tereshchenko


— I once, after leaving the “Titan”, had a chance to protect a pretty known person in his trip to Paris — continued Alexander Tereshchenko. With him were two others, I like them would like. The trip was unofficial, privately, because, of course, I didn’t have any weapons, can only rely on their skill in hand-to-hand combat. And the main thing is vigilance, ability to prevent dangerous situations. We have this well trained…

We were in Paris a few days, each of them was prepared cultural program. Clearly, the Louvre, Champs Elysees, Eiffel tower… But I’m looking at things from the point of view of protection. And close not all so sweet as in the movie, there is a very criminal place. But what to say, friends of my ward just in those days, was robbed right on the Champs Elysees! So I constantly had to be alert, to relax and to enjoy the sight of famous places, frankly, did not work.

HOW TO GET TO CABARET. One evening we decided to visit the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge”. It turned out that getting there is not so easy. We asked the receptionist on the front Desk at our hotel to help. Of course, not free. He hesitated, but eventually said he’d be right here the taxi driver who supposedly all want. The taxi arrived, drove us to the cabaret and went to look for someone else. No one found, did not help us, but the money for their services took.
Left we are on the doorstep, so to speak. And there, see how the mausoleum once… What to do? Decided to go the usual way and bribe someone from the local staff. The tactics proved correct and France. Found a security guard explained that I wanted, paid, and a lot, he took us to bypass the queue through the other entrance to the cabaret. Led into the hall and sat at an empty table far from the stage. My boss was outraged, saying, I want to. It turned out, and it’s possible, but for an additional fee. In the end, we settled near the stage at good places. That is, I think that’s all there pre-ordered, but also work your scheme, not only for us…

Tereshchenko: “In a foreign country I had to stop the aggression and do not violate the”

In short, enjoyed the view, my mentee and his friends drank (there is a theater combined with a restaurant, on the table there is a bottle of wine included in the ticket price, and then you can order more), about midnight came out of the theater and headed towards the hotel. Decided to walk for a short distance and the weather is good. But along the way my companions a good idea for a little add, because wrapped in a bar. Sat at a table, looked around. My attention was immediately drawn to the bouncer of the classical type, I have a huge bald African in a leather jacket, that is the order like there is someone to watch.

My players have a rest, a drink, and I looked around, all night, the bar is full of drunk… But everyone was quiet until it’s time to close the bar, about two o’clock in the morning. The bouncer was on the table, warned, like, finish. And we were told. And my players said, we still ordered, you must work until the last customer! That is all gone, and we sit. I have something in the situation can not influence, my job is to protect, not to tell the client how to behave.

THE BROKEN WINDOW. Bouncer back says to leave. And then my ward sends him away well-known English phrase! The bouncer eyes bloodshot. He grabs my ward behind the goal and literally pulls out from the table! I sat opposite. Of course, immediately jump up and go assess the situation as very bad. My mentee and his friends drunk, a foreign country, they have their own laws, hit someone and sit for a long time. Especially because, by and large, we see around us are wrong… And we have to act, there are responsibilities for the protection of the client! It is necessary and aggression to stop, and not break anything. And my ward, whom the bouncer had pulled into the center of the room, and even the first hit that leg in the knee. The situation gets hot… But I’ve been around. See the bouncer now hit ward in the answer, then I grabbed the guard around, holding his hand. The fight didn’t happen, and then I just stood between the wards and the whole attendants of the bar who came to the aid of the bouncer. Gradually we came out of the pub without loss of…

But this is still not over. The situation angered my ward and his friends, they took… and broke the window of the bar! Through this hole I saw a completely crazed person subservient to the pub, so they never could! I understood that they would call the police and we have hard times. Because literally pushed countrymen away from the bar and convinced that you just have to escape. We successfully did. But nerves to me this story was worth a lot…