Why is it important to have oatmeal every day

Fiber contained in oats enhances the different functions of the body to protect. It helps to fight bacteria, infections, parasites and viruses. Because if you feel cold, eat a bowl of oatmeal, says u-news.com.ua.


  • The juice of the fruit helps to quickly restore power: the Council of physiologists
  • Oatmeal gives energy

Slow carbohydrates are substances which have a very high satiety index, meaning they can take a long time to saturate. Three hundred calories, fifty grams of carbohydrates, fifteen grams of protein, five fat, ten fat. And all on a half Cup. Just remember: we’re talking about oatmeal, not cereal.

  • It helps weight loss

Beta-glucan a type of fiber contained in oatmeal – forms in the stomach a gel that creates the illusion of filling the stomach, and it stabilizes the hormones that control appetite.

  • The intestine starts to work better

Oatmeal restores the intestinal flora and helps with constipation. So it is more or less compensated for those injuries that we inflict the intestines is not enough regular and balanced diet.

  • The level of sugar in blood also stabiliziruemost

The level of sugar in the blood is responsible for of physical activity. And just oatmeal glycemic index is very low, so insulin is not really produced dramatically. So that helps the oats and prevention and diabetes.

  • Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is when the body does not respond to insulin and does not use sugar as an energy source, whereby the cells suffer from starvation. But oatmeal insulin sensitivity increases by thirty to forty percent.

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Or rather, not the oatmeal, but all the same beta-glucan. It reduces the level of cholesterol. The composition of oatmeal still contains antioxidants, and these antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which inflame the tissues of the arteries. Plus the oatmeal’s losing pressure, so hypotensive patients need to be more careful.

And about the pressure

If you have hypertension, that is, the pressure is increased, that each day has meaning to eat at least a plate. Six weeks of the diet and the blood pressure falls to a stable level to normal. And without any medicines.