Ukraine preparing to dispose of old car: what to expect “peresichny”

Fiscal service has prepared a draft decree on the recycling of old cars which passed into state property. Recycling faces and uncleared vehicles that find fiscal service. The website “Today” found out what car gets the press and who will suffer from the bill, if it is accepted.

What cars can use

The state fiscal service wants to get rid of uncleared cars. Start with confiscated cars. Their plan to dispose of. In may, the sneaks released a draft of the order disposing of such vehicles. In the first place the press goes cars made before 2010. They harm the environment, the authors of the project.

Before disposal, the attorney will be required 15 days before sending for processing to warn the car owner about the possibility of customs clearance and pick up the car or pay the fine and be out of the country.

In may, the warehouses sneaks were almost 3,000 vehicles. 97% of those older than eight years. These cars sell in Ukraine banned environmental regulations. Other do not buy because of high taxes of customs clearance are recognized in the fiscal service.

What cars are utilized:

  • confiscated because of violation of customs regulations;
  • confiscated by the court;
  • inappropriate environmental standards;
  • unfit for use;
  • confiscated cars that cannot sell.

In may, the warehouses sneaks were almost 3,000 vehicles. 97% of those older than eight years. Photo:

But before making a decision about the disposal of the interior Ministry strikes a car on databases of stolen cars and forgery of rooms. Also businesses that spend disposal will have to pre-spend techexperts car. Suitable items for sale. I’ll send the rest for scrap. Recycle machine will be at the expense of the state. However, the attorney I assure you that it will cost nothing to the state budget: sale of suitable items pay for the cost.

“The project act does not provide for attracting additional funds from the State budget of Ukraine. The costly part of the recycling process will be covered by funds received from the disposal of vehicles”, – stated in the analytical note of the project.

Not all cars that have crossed the state is utilized. Machine is serviceable and appropriate to the ehkonorm can be cleared on the existing rates and sold. Also, the attorney may transfer the confiscated vehicles to government agencies. For example, in social services.

These innovations are yet discussed.

Who will suffer from the project

According to statistics, in Ukraine about 50 thousand bonded cars, according to unofficial data – one and a half million. Every five days the Ukrainians with unregistered cars have to cross the border. Because of this, they are called “peresichnyi”. The owners of these vehicles articulate two reasons why they are not clearing the purchase of: high taxes and a ban on the import of cars older than 2010. In may, Petro Poroshenko instructed the Cabinet to regulate the importation of cars foreign numbers.

Evaders from paying taxes on the car started harder to fine. Recently, the Kyiv appeal administrative court decided to collect from the owner of Mercedes-Benz E320 Lithuanian rooms and a fine of 300% of the unpaid amount of customs duties to 1.68 million. Mercedes on foreign registration belonged to a resident of Cherkasy. 22 Dec 2016 GFS gave him a penalty for violation of customs regulations.

According to various estimates, the Ukrainians from 50 thousand to a million arustamovich car. Photo:

The owners themselves bonded car want not only tax reduction but also the abolition of the environmental standard Euro-5. He will not allow the import to Ukraine of cars manufactured prior to 2010. “Peresichnyi” mostly buy obsolete auto standards – they are two to three times cheaper. Ads Ukrainians for 1500-2000 dollars offer to buy uncleared cars 1997-2010. These cars and subject to disposal. Bonded machine newer Fiscals can resell, however, the buyer will have to pay for customs clearance.

“We propose to fix a concessional rate of excise duty adopted in the summer of 2016 on a permanent basis or to remove the requirement of Euro-5. And to introduce a tax Amnesty for cars that already ride transit. To give a possibility to clear of the vehicle at a reduced rate of excise duty”, – says Vasyl Antoniuk, the Deputy head of West-Ukrainian Association of transit car owners in Lviv.

As punish violators of the law

Lawyer customs law Olga Nikolayenko noted that the Ukrainian legislation allows to deal with illegal car fines and confiscation. However, there has been little interaction customs service and the police.

“The police can’t track what mode and on what grounds is one or the other car with foreign registration. There is a moral and ethical problem: we understand that citizens can and should use a cheap car, and on the other hand, there are international obligations and legal norms. Since the state took the supine position, the problem with uncleared cars is growing like a snowball. Already, the owners of not cleared cars require special conditions. The law should be to draw up protocols and to confiscate such vehicles. All legally settled, but it does nothing”, – said the Executive Director of the Association “the Customs of the lawyers.”

Uncleared cars older than 2010 must be recycled. Photo:

Without registration to drive a car with foreign numbers, the Ukrainians can five days in one area and ten days, when movement in several areas. The alien to use uncleared machine can be no more than one year.

If your car is one day more than is necessary by the Customs code, the driver faces a fine of 85 hryvnias. If the car stayed in the country from 1 to 10 days – will have to pay a fine of 3400 UAH, more than 10 days – 8500 hryvnia. If the car belongs to a foreigner, and driving Ukrainian – the car can be confiscated. Ukrainian car can be arrested if he refuses to pay the fine.

What threatens the Ukrainians who have violated the Customs code:

  • The car stayed in Ukraine for a day – a fine of 85 hryvnias
  • From 1 to 10 days – a fine of 3400 UAH
  • More than 10 days – a fine of 8500 UAH
  • Refused to pay the fine – car arrest

If the foreigner has brought to Ukraine a car, and returned home without him, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities may apply to the country of the resident with the requirement to fine the offender. In addition, the machines without registration can be declared wanted.