Social assistance from the state is almost 40% of the income of Ukrainians – state statistics service

In the first quarter of 2017, 38.4 per cent of the income of citizens amounted to financial assistance from the state (pensions, unemployment benefits, etc.) and current transfers. According to the State statistics service (gosstat).

As noted in the Department, a year earlier this indicator was at the level of 35.7%. To 46.5% in the structure of incomes of Ukrainians, the share of wages (last year of 45.4%). The share of income from deposits and rental assets decreased from 4.2% to 2.8%.


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The Department also reported that over the past year significantly increased the number of Ukrainians receiving a wage above average.

So, boasting a salary of from 5 to 10 thousand UAH. in June of 2017 could 37.4% of citizens. Another 17% of full-time employees received a salary higher than 10 thousand UAH.