Finger on the trigger

It is expected that the “new steps” of Turkey, which said President Erdogan, expressing concern over events in Syria, there will be a new military operation. The first objective is to Afrin.

As it approaches the first anniversary of the commencement of “operation Shield of the Euphrates” against the terrorist organization ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), Turkey prepares for a new military operation in Syria, this time against the terrorist organization Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) / Party Democratic Union (PYD). During the operation “shield of the Euphrates”, launched 24 August 2016, Turkey is cleared from terrorists, an area of 2015 square miles, the Syrians returned to their lands and began to live in security. At the moment, the forces of the Free Syrian army (FSA) with the support of the Turkish armed forces assist infrastructure work in the region and ensure its security. However, for some time safe region, created on the Azaz — Jerablus exposed to more and more frequent provocations and attacks from the terrorist elements of the PKK / PYD, located around this region.

There is no strength to endure

While the region still suffers from terrorist attacks, President Erdogan expressed concern with Turkey on this subject: “We are determined to expand the potency of the dagger that we stab at the heart of the project on creation of terrorist groups using the operation “shield of the Euphrates”. In the near future we will take new and important steps in this direction.” Turkey at all sites was stressed that in the framework of the right to self-defence, it may at any time take action against the terrorist organization PKK / PYD. According to the information received, to endure it anymore.

In the first place — Afrin

Speaking about the time of the transaction in respect of the elements of the terrorist organization PKK / PYD, military sources, quoting the words of President Tayyip Erdogan in one of his earlier statements, saying: “Suddenly the night”. As a new goal of Turkey on the border with Syria, attention is drawn to “all the terrorist elements that disturb the safe region, created in the course of the operation “shield of the Euphrates””. For some time in ‘ afrīn terrorists opened harassing fire on peaceful Syrians residing in Mar. Security forces draw attention to the need for Stripping first and foremost line of Azaz, tel Rifat- Idlib. Also among the objectives of the terrorists who attack Jerablus is East of the Euphrates. The area of operations will cover vast space.



Astana, the initiators of the process meet in Tehran

On the other hand, today in Tehran will host a meeting in Astana, the initiators of the process that continue to work on areas of de-escalation in Syria. This event will last two days and will mainly be considered events in Idlib. As the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, the meeting will discuss the strengthening of the zones of de-escalation in Syria. In this event, which will take place at the expert level, Turkey will take part at the level of head of Department of the foreign Ministry. Contacts in Tehran are in the nature of preliminary preparation meeting, scheduled to take place at the end of this month in Astana. At such meetings at the expert level developing the details associated with areas of de-escalation. The priority agenda of the Tehran contacts will be events in Idlib and the measures to be taken to create areas of de-escalation in the region. Preliminary meetings at the experts level was held earlier at Ankara and Moscow.