“Alien ship” frightened residents of the three provinces: there was a video

Over the Western canadian provinces of night flying meteor, which scared the local population.

Hundreds of people called the police, reporting “on the shining object in the sky” and “alien spacecraft”.


  • The Englishman shot a terrible video of a poltergeist in his house

Witnesses of cosmic phenomena were residents of three canadian provinces. Scientists said that this celestial phenomenon should not be linked with the aliens, since we are talking about the car – a big, bright meteor that resembles a ball of fire. The phenomenon is formed due to the penetration into the dense layers of the atmosphere of large solid particles.

This one is from @radiochristina pic.twitter.com/zodnNJdhHF

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None of these videos were captured by me, I just compiled them. In my TL are the original RT’s. Contact them for reproduction rights. pic.twitter.com/NLoJZv46yW

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From @isoscelesIT : pic.twitter.com/TBZ3G1AOgt

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