Products that oncologists are advised to ignore

Cancer is a complex group of diseases that cause plethora of reasons. We know that often the factors contributing to the development of the disease is genetics, Smoking, radiation, poor diet and other. But let’s look in more detail what role food plays in this list. We present you the most carcinogenic products, which are better to avoid, writes

  • Refined sugar and sugar substitutes

Refined sugar is not only able to increase the level of insulin, having loaded thus our body, but also is the perfect environment to nourish cancer cells. To such conclusion the Otto Warburg in 1931 when he said: tumors feed on sugars.


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Try to eliminate artificial sweeteners and sugar out of my diet. Replace it with honey, maple syrup, palm sugar or stevia.

  • Processed meats

This refers to such meat products: bacon, sausage and sausages. According to the statistics of the results of research of the University of Hawaii, similar products increase the chance of developing pancreatic cancer by 67%.

  • Farmed fish

Today, commercial fishing is a large number of breeding fish in crowded conditions. Such conditions increase the chance of infection of fish with all sorts of bacteria and viruses. So often the fish “feed” pesticides and antibiotics. It is better to opt for wild fish, despite its inflated price.

  • Marinated and smoked products

Often products with the marinade include nitrates to extend shelf life. Alas, but such additives accumulate in our body and can lead to cell destruction.