Cold weather has hit watermelons

The price of watermelons in Ukraine began to decline. Market experts attribute this to weather conditions. In addition, the demand for melons decreased due to record high prices and poor quality products, which are present on the market at the moment, experts say “info SHUVAR”.

“The price of watermelon in August of the current year established a historical record and this had a negative effect on demand. Since the beginning of September in the Central and Western regions of the country much colder, so the demand has decreased even more, because the watermelon usually are best sold in the heat. Therefore, farmers are forced to reduce prices. The quality of the watermelons that are offered on trading platforms, not too high, it is also not conducive to active sales”, – commented the expert of the fruit and vegetable market in Eastern Europe Tatiana Getman.

However, as analysts assure, this season, the Ukrainians will be able to eat a relatively inexpensive and high-quality watermelons.

“It is hoped that in the second half of September the supply of high-quality watermelons will increase and prices will drop a bit. From September 10 producers of the southern regions plan to harvest late maturing,” notes Getman.

In addition, now, unlike in August, the weather is quite favorable for a good harvest.

“In the Kherson region temperature is established at the level of 23 – 30° C is almost ideal daytime temperatures to increase the fruit weight and sugar education – says the head of the service cooperative “Agroproduct Kherson” Alexander Sinuk. – Because after a few weeks on the market, you should expect an increase in the supply of quality watermelon and prices can sink”.

However, the manufacturers do not predict how serious the fall in prices is very dependent on the weather.

“In September, indeed, the expected increase in the supply of high quality watermelon late varieties, but prices will vary depending on the weather, – says the head of the farm “Diamond” Alexander Suprun. – So, if in Ukraine will be warm and will not interfere with rains, demand is expected to be quite satisfactory and prices are not significantly reduced. And I’m sure that compared to last year, watermelon in September will be more expensive because of the General reduction of the sentence, because the area under late varieties have also decreased significantly”.


  • The price of watermelons in Ukraine beat the record

Today on the wholesale markets is predominantly present watermelon from the population and small producers. This product is small in size, weighing 2 to 5 kg, and its quality is quite low due to the negative effects of heat. A watermelon producers in the wholesale markets due to weak demand agree to sell at 2,5 – 2,8 UAH/kg Large watermelon, 5 – 8 kg, is significantly more expensive because it is sufficiently small and the demand is consistently high, the farmers sell it at the 3.6 – 5 UAH/kg, in the wholesale markets, prices reach 5 – 7 UAH/kg .

For comparison, in early September, 2016 watermelon at wholesale markets was offered at 1,8 – 2,5 UAH/kg.