How to distinguish the tired legs from the beginning of varicose veins

From varicose veins suffer both men and women. How to recognize varicose veins in the early stages and to distinguish from the usual pain, writes


  • How to “hide” terrible veins on the legs and forget about this problem
  • The first signs

The first signs of varicose veins on the legs often confused with fatigue at the end of the day. If at first the fatigue passes quickly, no reason to sound the alarm no. However, if this is not happening and my feet are starting to swell, there is vascular net, it is time to act – and to the protruding veins near.

  • Signs of varicose veins in the legs:
  • Aching feet, sharp throbbing pain in a relaxed position and during walking, cramps at night and itching.
  • Swelling, feeling of heaviness and fullness of the lower extremities
  • Change the skin: the skin becomes dry and begins to darken and covered in brown spots. If this process is not stopped, appear skin dermatitis, eczema and poorly healing wounds
  • Speakers, meandering and elongated veins. Most of these veins are visible in legs and feet
  • Spider veins
    • Prevention

    The best treatment is known as early prevention. If the legs started to bother you, don’t ignore these signals and use ointments, gels, creams on the basis of heparin and troxerutin. You can make compresses and cold foot bath. At the end of the day a little lie down with raised legs. So you will help yourself and let no one prevent, but greatly delay the development of varicose veins. But if the disease is already running, be sure to consult a specialist – and to the formation of trophic ulcers close.