What will be remembered for the summer of 2017: the most important and bright events in Ukraine and the world

Summer 2017 was hot, and the air temperature, and the concentration of interesting events. Here are the most important and striking of them, writes vokrugsveta.ua.

  • In Ukraine began to operate a visa-free regime

On the night of 11 June 2017 entered into force on visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union. From now on, our citizens can visit 30 countries in Europe without a visa and stay there up to 90 days. The only condition – the presence of a biometric passport. Innovation not only applies to the UK, which is in the process of leaving the EU, and Ireland.

Ukraine went to this historic moment is three and a half years and fulfilled to achieve his goal, all 144 the EU’s terms.

  • Scientists have discovered a ninth planet in the Solar system

Scientists of the Complutense University of Madrid, proved the existence of another planet in the Solar system. It was extremely hard, because she is too far away and you can’t see it. But the Spanish team noticed that on the edge of the Solar system is a cluster of space objects that are grouped like they are drawn to a gigantic cosmic body. This is a new planet.

Now scientists have started the search for a 10th planet, which probably is closer to the Ground and has dimensions of Mars.

  • Ukraine hosted the Eurovision song contest

In 2016, the singer Jamal won the Eurovision song contest, which took place in Sweden, and thereby won the right of Ukraine to hold the competition in 2017. This time the party won from Portugal El Salvador Together with the song “Amar Doi Pelos”.


  • Stars who died in the summer of 2017: names, history, photos

During song contest, Ukraine was visited by about 20 thousand foreign tourists. Most of them liked the architecture, cuisine, nature of our country and the hospitality of Ukrainians. 92% of foreigners expressed a desire to visit Ukraine again.

  • In the United States was the hurricane that the scale of destruction exceeded “Katrina”

In the United States fell the most powerful for the last 12 years, the hurricane, dubbed “Harvey”. The wind speed reached 60 m/s (wind in excess of 33 m/s belongs to the category of destructive). In the state of Texas, which was at the epicenter of the storm was declared a state natural disaster.

Due to the hurricane-flood home of tens of thousands of people were flooded. “Harvey” put losses at $40 billion and took the lives of 30 people.

  • In Europe has become even hotter

This summer due to the heat wave 10 European countries entered the red danger level. The temperature in Italy, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Slovenia reached 50 degrees above zero. At least two people died (in Romania and Poland) and dozens were taken to hospitals with heat and sun beats.

Experts at the joint research centre of the European Commission have warned that if the environmental policy does not change, by 2100 from extreme weather conditions in Europe will annually killed up to 152 thousand persons. While 99% of deaths will occur in abnormally hot weather.

  • Ukrainian pilots skillfully landed the damaged aircraft in Istanbul

At the end of July, making a flight from Istanbul to Cyprus, the Turkish airlines plane Global Atlas caught in a storm. Hail chicken egg totally broke the nose of the aircraft and badly damaged front glass. The ship’s captain was Ukrainian pilot Alexander Akopov, who, in spite of everything, almost blindly made his landing.

The pilots of the plane clapped the whole platform of the airport “Ataturk”. The pilots of the other planes were flashing their lights and just came on Board to shake hands. President Petro Poroshenko Akopov was awarded the order “For courage”.

  • Scientists have found new evidence of life on Mars

X-ray of the Mars Rover Curiosity found in some parts of the red planet’s high content of zinc, and Germany. American and canadian scientists, the presence of these substances the evidence of high hydrothermal activity, which once flowed on the planet. The similarity of chemical composition with earthly analogues proves the existence of life on Mars.

  • There was a total solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017 the Moon has closed the Sun for an hour and a half. It is a unique and rather rare astronomical phenomenon is best seen residents of the United States.

For observing the Eclipse in Alaska has created a special flight, millions of Americans are at least 20 minutes left their jobs that brought them to the companies a loss of $694 million, and one woman even called in honor of this event, their newborn daughter – Eclipse (from the English. eclipse – the Eclipse).

  • The earth was first removed from space on the Amateur camera

The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency has published the first videos taken from the International space station on a normal Amateur camera. Before space flight, the camera is prepared to work in conditions of high radiation, low temperatures and vacuum. After that, the camera was mounted outside of a research platform that is part of the Japanese experiment module KIBO.

Good or bad summer this year, you be the judge, but in any case – it’s already passed.