Taxi cars in Ukraine will transfer to yellow numbers

The Cabinet has developed a draft resolution for the settlement of the taxi market in Ukraine, which provides for the issuance of special license plates only to licensed carriers – reports

Ukrainian taxi waiting for a big reform and above all, it will affect unlicensed passenger carriers. Today about 90% of all taxis working in our country illegally, and even work in does not require Uber drivers have no license.

The government decided to put an end to it. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine developed a draft decree “On amendments to some resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” for the regulation of the taxi market.

The main innovation is that all cars that are engaged in local passenger transportation, must have special license plates are yellow. And to re-register the vehicle under the new numbers will be possible only with a license. As a result, the government gets very effective control over the taxi market and provides additional income to the budget.

Unlicensed taxi driver can be seen for tens of meters, so the regulatory authorities – in this case Ukrtranslizing – will have an efficient mechanism for fining carriers-violators.

All this will affect and be popular in our country Uber — get a job will be more difficult.

Recall that Uber drivers have learned to game the system for “extra” money.