Trump should have fired

I’ve noticed that the category “trump and impeachment” becomes regular. But to do nothing — President of the United States tirelessly throws up new reasons for his own resignation and talk about it. This time it’s really serious: two congressmen-Democrat brad Sherman and L. Grig — the first time it is officially tabled house of representatives the question of impeachment of the incumbent President.

The essence of their claims is the same — cooperation of the team of Donald trump with the Russians during the presidential elections in 2016. Interestingly, this time the reason for the attack on the White house has given not just anybody, but a native son of the head of state — Donald trump Jr.

The sequence of events there was something like this. First, the influential newspaper The New York Times wrote about the meeting of the President’s son with a certain lady from Russia, which promised to throw the headquarters of the trump dirt on Hillary Clinton — his former rival.

Then it turned out that this lady — lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya — man in the U.S. many people associate with the Kremlin. American intelligence immediately made a clear conclusion: the son of the President of trump through it has established a channel of communication with the Russian leadership.

This young man is the son of a tramp — apparently wanting to prove his innocence, he published his email correspondence with Veselnitskaya. The result, however, was not nice: from the published letters implied that trump Jr. enthusiastically agreed to accept the assistance of foreign governments in the fight against domestic political opponents.

From the point of view of American law and social norms, such cooperation is almost treason. In fact, the publication of letters trompowsky son only made them worse — and his dad.

Then history and all purchased to get ugly. It turned out that Veselnitskaya meeting with trump, Jr. organized one of Rob Goldstone — a man, closely connected with the Azerbaijani-Russian tycoon Aras Agalarov. By a strange coincidence, this tycoon was a partner of trump, Sr., when he organized the beauty contest “Miss universe” in Moscow in 2013.

Mr Agalarov, as any Russian oligarch, certainly well received in the Kremlin — Putin, he even order once presented.

In General, it’s a real spy story of secret meetings, strange lawyers, Russian oligarchs and other entourage. Although all defendants deny the history that did something illegal, for the American public here, in General, is clear: through a chain of intermediaries trump was going to get from the Kremlin dirt on Clinton.

And this was the proof of the cooperation of his staff with the Russians, that the whole liberal press is looking for for six months. Accordingly, decided the press, the President should have fired.

However, until the impeachment is still very far away. Evidence of collaboration trump with Moscow are still indirect. To the public, this is enough, but for the court they are clearly not enough. However, I have little doubt that this story is not the last of its kind. The pressure on the President of the United States will increase with each passing month, he will make mistakes. One day still uchudil something for which he still katapultiert from the White house — to the delight of all progressive mankind.