The results of the week: key events in Ukraine and the world, facts and figures


1 Sep in full entered into force the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

1 million 586 thousand 135 persons as of August 28 are registered internally displaced persons or 1 million 276 thousand 900 families from Donbas and Crimea, said the Ministry. Beneficiary financed 1 million 889 thousand UAH 570. As of 24 July, was given 1 million 580 thousand 646 persons.

Decreased by 6% , the arrears of wages for August and amounted to 2.37 billion UAH, reported state statistics Committee. But it is 16.1% more than it was a year ago.

71% of Ukrainians trust the advice on the treatment or management of a healthy lifestyle received from relatives and friends – this is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Sociological group “Rating”. 68% of respondents indicated that they trust the advice of doctors, ambulance, 66% of nurses, 65% of pharmacists and druggists, 63% family physicians and General practitioners.

47% of Ukrainians believe that for the past two years, the overall quality of government health services has worsened in Ukraine. Only 10% saw an improvement and 34% believe that the level of quality of government health services, nothing has changed – these are the findings of a survey conducted by the Sociological group “Rating”.

22 military units of the Ukrainian army until the end of this year will switch to the new power system product catalog, common in armies of the countries-members of NATO, the defense Ministry reported. The transition of all units of the Armed forces to a new system of supply is scheduled until the end of 2019.

Reduced to 1100 UAH the price of tickets on the train Kiev-Warsaw-Kiev on 3 September. The cost of travel from Kiev to Warsaw will be 1340 UAH, while the current ticket price – UAH 2441.

At least 13 Ukrainian feature films will be released before the end of 2017. This result, according to Philip Ilienko, Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie was possible thanks to a record for all the years of independence the government funding of the film industry.

5075 statements about missing children received from the beginning of 2017 to the police – against 6 thousand applications for all of 2016. About it said Deputy head of the national police Konstantin Bushuev.

37 thousand UAH the Cabinet of Ministers set the amount of salary of the Prosecutor General, first Deputy of 34 thousand UAH, Deputy – 32 thousand UAH, while increased allowances to prosecutors for the rank. At the same time abolished the rule that the salary of the attorney General was 18.5 times the minimum wage (now 59,2 thousand UAH), first Vice – 15,8 minimum wage (ths 50,56), Deputy – 14,8 minimum wage (47,36 thousand UAH).

At least 5% of GDP will be the defense budget of Ukraine in 2018, and the total funding must be at least 162,7 billion. This was reported in the NSDC.

Decreased by 0.5% in July, real wages in Ukraine, but regarding July 2016 it increased by 17.2%, reported state statistics Committee. The average nominal wage of regular workers of enterprises, institutions and organizations in July amounted to 7339 UAH, which is 2.3 times above the level of the minimum wage (RS 3200).

September 9 will come into force the government decision to raise the minimum wholesale release and retail prices on separate types of alcoholic beverages. The minimum wholesale selling price for 1 liter of 100% alcohol for vodka and liquors will be 268,67 UAH, retail – 397,76 UAH; for “three star” brandy UAH 386,98 597,3 UAH wholesale and retail, for a “five star” – 495,95 UAH UAH 692,6 wholesale and retail.

800 million UAH allocated by the government for the construction of the highway Lviv-Ternopil-Khmelnitsky-Vinnytsia-Uman-Odessa.


Rose by 38.8% of the balances in the Single Treasury account – to a historic high at 61.2 billion. Treasury single account is an account opened with the state Treasury, the NBU for amounts due and make payments in the electronic payment system.

On 15 September the government plans to submit to Parliament the draft state budget for 2018.

$278 million , the national Bank joined in August international reserves by currency purchase on the interbank foreign exchange market.

Increased by 80% after the heating season 2016/2017. gas reserves in underground storage facilities, according to the “Ukrtransgaz”. Current stocks is 19.6% higher than at the end of August 2016, 2.6% higher than in 2015, but 6.5 percent less than in 2014.

The 75 million euros European investment Bank (EIB) can represent Ukraine as a loan for investments in infrastructure related to road safety in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and Kharkiv. The total cost of the project is 177 million euros.

Reduced by 19.4% and in Ukraine in July, the consumption of coal compared with the same period last year to 3.57 million MT, reported state statistics Committee. However, compared to June, the coal consumption increased by 11.3%. Ukraine in 2016 compared to 2015, the company increased its coal consumption by 9.4% – to 31.3 million tonnes.

Decreased 12.9% in July in annual terms, the steel production in Ukraine to 1.81 million tonnes, but strala rose from 14th to 12th place in the list of world manufacturers of this production, said world Association of steel producers (World Steel Association).

313,13 million UAH of net profit received Ukrainian agrarian state enterprise in the first six months of the current year against UAH 65,47 million net loss in the same period last year, reported in Minagropolitiki. Profit received 39 state-owned, loss – 69, and 17 public companies in the first half turned out to be the break-even point.

Exceeded 12.7 billion target revenues to the Pension Fund the single social contribution (ERU) since the beginning of the year. Now in Ukraine 11.7 million pensioners accounted for 12.8 million taxpayers ERUs.

$2 billion will have to pay on foreign currency external and domestic debt Ukraine until the end of 2017, according to the National Bank. You need to pay about $1.25 billion in foreign debt and about $0.73 per billion will make payments on the exchange bonds of internal state loan.

34.6% more in annual terms was the payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons in January-July to 92.4 billion UAH, said the SFS. Also increased contributions of military training – to 8.2 billion UAH, which is 31.6% more than last year.

With a deficit of $285 million reduced the balance of payments of Ukraine in July after three months of surplus, according to the NBU. However, in January-July the balance is reduced with a surplus of $764 million, which is 1.5 times higher than the surplus for the same period of the previous year. The balance of payments takes into account all data on external economic transactions of residents with nonresidents (balance of foreign trade is only part of it).

Deficit of $3,187 billion external balance of goods and services in January-July, up 20.2% over the deficit for January-July of 2016. The deficit of foreign trade in goods grew by 31.2% to us $4,259 billion, and the surplus of external trade in services increased 1.8 times – up to $1,072 billion.

Decreased by 1.1 billion UAH debt of the enterprises to NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” for gas as of 29 August, to 29 billion. About 79% of the total amount of debt is the debt of enterprises CTV and CHP for natural gas used to produce thermal energy, and about 11% is the duty CHP for natural gas used in electricity production and a 10% debt direct industrial consumers.


A third more than expected in may will be an excess of sugar in the world market in the 2017-2018 marketing year because of rising global production to a record level as a result of capacity expansion in Brazil, Thailand and the European Union, experts predict the Australian Green Pool Commodity Specialists. Offer sugar in the next marketing year will exceed the demand after two years of deficit, the surplus amount of 7.14 million tonnes against expected in may of 5.55 million tonnes and is the highest for five years. Raw sugar fell at auction in new York this year, almost 30% is the worst result in the commodity index. The growth in sugar consumption in the world is slowing down.

$1 billion earned during his career, former world champion in Boxing American Floyd Mayweather – he became the third athlete in history, whose earnings exceeded this threshold. Previously, this was achieved by the basketball player Michael Jordan and golfer tiger woods. The fee is only for Mayweather’s last fight with McGregor was $100 million excluding interest payments from the sales of rights for TV broadcasting, tickets and Souvenirs. In General, his reward could reach $300 million.

A fine of up to $38 thousand or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding four years and now faces in Kenya for the use of plastic bags. This is the third attempt by the government of the country over the past 10 years to ban plastic bags. A number of African countries earlier also outlawed plastic bags, in particular, Rwanda and Eritrea.

On the night of August 29, North Korea for the first time in the history of its rocket program launched a ballistic missile that flew over Japanese territory. She flew 2700 km, reaching a maximum height of 550 km and fell into the Pacific ocean, before it broke up into three parts.

Until 2018 Vietnam may legalize bitcoin and recognize it as official means of payment. The Prime Minister instructed the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of public security to “study the current legal framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment and to propose to the government solutions to create a regulatory regime for the use of cryptocurrency”.

$1.2 per Euro , the exchange rate of the Euro against the dollar reached the highest level since January 2015 According to analysts, the weakening of the dollar due to the expectation of large public expenditures in the United States, for elimination of consequences of hurricane “Harvey” and the unwillingness of the Federal reserve to take additional measures on strengthening of the American currency.

Will drop to $41-42 per barrel oil prices by the middle of 2018, predicts the Ministry of economic development

$85 billion to date, is estimated as the founder of Inditex (Zara, etc.) 81-year-old Spaniard Amancio Ortega, he took first place in the rating of the richest people the world Forbes. In second place is Microsoft co-founder 61-year-old American bill gates, he concedes Ortega $100 million from the Founder of Zara already three times occupied a leading position in the ranking, but quickly lost it, because the size of his state and most others strongly depends on the quotations of their shares.