Best power system, which lose weight

Three meals, two meals a day with snack and five meals – three popular system of consumption of food, which you can use to get rid of excess weight. The main advantage of all these systems is that you don’t have to limit yourself to any foods- you can eat anything you want, reports


  • Called food, the smell making men more sexy

However, no matter which power system you adhere to, the amount of fast carbs, canned food, fast food and sweets in the diet it is desirable to reduce to a minimum, as these products are harmful not only for figure but also for health.

  • Three meals a day

Three meals a day, according to many experts, is more suitable to maintain weight. To lose a full three meals a day will not be easy, but it is possible, if three meals will consist of vegetables, fruits, lean meat and wholegrain cereals.

  • Two meals a day with snack

Two meals along with a snack can help to lose weight. The point is that you need a full Breakfast and lunch, and dinner should be a meal: for dinner you can eat something light – a salad of greens (no butter, sour cream and mayonnaise), yogurt or a handful of nuts.

  • Five meals a day

Five meals is the most appropriate for weight loss. In addition, this power supply system, according to many experts, suitable to those who work hard and who need to be constantly energetic and active. Daily calorie allowance is divided into five meals: main – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, intermediate snacks in between. Such a diet accelerates the metabolism and promote more successful weight loss.