The Guardian view on the relationship of the tramp with Russia: here is something to think about

When employees trump will speak in Washington, and publicly refuted the statements that the predecessor of the current President it was bugged, this is bad news for the White house. But the longer the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, James Komi (James Comey) and Mike Rogers (Mike Rogers) of the national security Agency has addressed the Committee of Congress, the worse it became. According to Komi in July last year is under investigation for possible collusion of the election headquarters trump with Russia with the aim to influence 2016 elections. Election machine trump continues to pour today’s White house slop.

However, Donald trump with the insouciance of the Bourbon monarch does not wish to pay attention to the facts. He also doesn’t want to reject false accusations and to answer for their hypocrisy. Trump is ready to continue their shameful activities. When his own intelligence agencies have indicated to him that he is lying, the President tried to put forward strange arguments in his Twitter account. These statements are further undermined his already questionable credibility.

Speaking in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence during the first public hearings about the Russian intervention in elections in 2016, the boss of the FBI has made absolutely clear and precise statement: “regarding tweets the President about the alleged audition, I have no information in confirmation of these tweets”. Rogers added that he did not know of anyone who would ask the British or the other allies on the organization of the telephone listening trump, denying thereby the wild approval of the President. And then a bomb exploded when the first time the FBI has confirmed it is investigating the possible collusion between staff of the trump and Moscow to exert influence on the outcome of the presidential election. Given the fact that the President had lost his national security adviser, his attorney General was forced to recuse himself or herself due to ties with Moscow, the stakes today are higher than ever. Administration trump is unlikely to emerge from the Russian shadow, but it seems that while the President is not very much worried about his own reputation.

The President is aware that many leading Republicans have denied ties between Russia and the headquarters of the tramp before the start of their work. RAID partisan bias can dye any decision of the Committee of the Congress — both acquittal and conviction. This is why the need for an independent body like the Commission on September 11, which will be able to learn the relations and contacts trump with Moscow. He spent months laughing at the warnings of American intelligence agencies about Russian cyber attacks with the purpose of interference in the American democratic process and has repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin. Heard testimony also raise questions about why for a few days before the presidential elections in Komi Republic was silent and didn’t say anything about the investigation on trump’s relations with Russia, but at the same time announced the resumption of the investigation on the fact of use Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Clinton, not without reason, accuses the FBI that it lost the White house. There is nothing indicating that she should press charges. As for trump, we don’t know what happened between his headquarters and Moscow. We do not know what evidence can be presented. But we know that the electoral machine of the incumbent President is under investigation by the FBI, which is trying to figure out if there was any collusion with a hostile foreign power with the aim to win the presidential election. If American lawmakers will be presented with evidence of offences in such serious matters, Watergate will seem like a political joke.


Reader comments

Throw him in jail (or at least to shut him up).

This is a huge scandal! This will put trump and the vile Republicans on his knees. Everything they do now, people will be regarded as collusion. They have lost trust and credibility, and now we have to consider null and void any presidential decrees and adopted by the Republican laws. An end to them!

I don’t support him, and he is indifferent to me, but it’s about the storm, it will cause enormous damage to American democracy. Who benefited from the first foreign policy initiatives of trump? Not Russia, and Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia received some obscure promise to find a compromise on Ukraine and Syria; but it will also face a powerful modernization of the us nuclear missile potential, with the advent of the US bombers-invisible beings and with the expansion of the missile defense system. There is no evidence that Russia has done more than any government, when faced with a possible change of government in important foreign country. All they establish informal contacts with possible future leadership and conduct negotiations on issues that are of interest or will be of interest in the future. At the same time, they secretly try to learn more about all the parties. Intelligence agencies usually cling to the information received, and is unlikely to be the bags to upload it on Wikileaks. They did not expect that trump will win, and thought the thing they have to do with Clinton.

If a small amount of enemy disinformation can decide the outcome of elections in the most powerful country in the world, perhaps democracy is not as good as you shout about it. If it can be easily manipulated, maybe we should look for other systems.
In fact, they are unlikely to have had any effect, and all this is nothing more than envy of people trying to understand the world which they do not understand. If you believe the standard media, then we would not have learned about the supporters trump/Breccia to the day of voting, when in face we threw reality.