Ukrainians in 2017 and waiting for another long weekend: how and when to relax

The Ukrainians in honor of independence Day has got four consecutive weekends. Thursday, August 24, on Friday and on Saturday and Sunday. However, after hours on Friday will have to work on Saturday, September 19. The next “long” weekend is expected in October. October 14 – official day off in honor of the Day of defenders of Ukraine. The website “Today” found out what other weekend are waiting for the Ukrainians this year, and that may change in the next.

How much rest are Ukrainians

This year, the Ukrainians launched 11 weekends, Easter, Christmas, Victory Day, March 8, etc. thus, if the output falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is transferred to Monday. In honor of Independence Day, the Ukrainians fell just four weekends in a row. The next “long” weekend falls on 14, 15 and 16 October. 14 Oct put day off in honor of Armed forces Day of Ukraine. Given that the following days – Saturday and Sunday, Ukrainians will be able to relax for three days in a row.

Also Ukrainians based on 24 days leave (two days per month). Approximately the same number of output in most post-Soviet countries. In honor of the holiday weekend 13 – in Russia and Austria, 14 in Spain and Malta. The least weekend in Brazil – only five holidays. The annual vacation is 30 calendar days, which the Brazilians are resting as much as Ukrainians.

Photo: Pixabay

Some experts are sure that a large number of holidays is hurting country’s economy. “In Ukraine there are such phenomenal – permanent weekend, and then wonder why the economy is not growing. Special absurd – the transfer of jobs and output. If the holiday fell on a weekend, it should be noted the additional output. Maybe we are a world leader in the efficiency of labor? Or emerge the leaders in terms of GDP, so can afford it? Though and real world leaders can’t afford regular holidays,” wrote Jaanika Merilo during the Christmas holidays in Facebook.

That may change next year

Next year the number of holiday weekend may be reduced. Institute for memory has presented a bill according to which the calendar of holidays for Ukrainians will change dramatically. If the document will support parliamentarians, already next year instead of 11 days of holidays there will be only nine.

March eighth and ninth of may remain holidays: concerts and official events not cancel plans, but weekend these days will not. “Because of the celebration of national holidays should contribute to the recovery of the historical memory and the formation of national identity of citizens of Ukraine, the state status can claim only those dates and events, which correlate with state and cultural history,” explains the document.

In addition, the carry output, which coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, will not (except on weekends for Easter and Pentecost).

What will be the output:

  • The day of memory and reconciliation on may 8
  • Constitution day – June 28
  • Independence day – August 24
  • Day of defenders of Ukraine – October 14
  • New year – 1 January
  • Christmas – January 7
  • Easter – the date changes
  • Holy Trinity day – the date changes
  • Labor day – may 1

The calendar will be new festive (but working) days. For example, the Institute of memory proposes to legalize a long list of sad days.

Innovations have caused a strong reaction in the Ukrainian society, said the head of the Institute of remembrance Vladimir viatrovych. Thus, the Agency has received 672 complaints from public organizations, trade unions and political parties, with a request to listen to their position. Under public pressure, the Institute took the decision to leave the Monday after Easter and Whitsuntide holidays.