Turkey manifests itself

“At the time of writing this article, our President hasn’t met with US President trump, — I wrote yesterday. But before the summit, all the signs indicate that from the point of view of the continuation of Turkish-American relations it will end with variable cloudiness. The U.S., of course, do not want to lose one of its most important allies in the world, but they are not agree to change his whole policy in the middle East. But Turkey cannot ignore their vital interests to allow a terrorist state on its borders. In this case, relations between the two countries will continue, but in a completely different plane”.

The point set

As a result, our President “put an end”, as previously mentioned and clearly gave his interlocutor the position of Turkey. And the trump, not touching specific themes and saying, “no One will destroy Turkish-American relations,” expressed a desire to restore the friendship, damaged the US position.

The silence of the tramp on some of the topics during the press conference is also important. The US President did not defend your country’s position regarding events in the middle East and terrorist organizations FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen). It also shows that the US does not want to lose Turkey. If instead, trump was able to take a more open and clear position in the direction of a rapprochement with the us, and in our relations there would be a great leap forward, and the US position in the region would be stronger.

What is the situation?

The question which the United States has recently been concerned about most in the middle East — Astana process and its continuation. The U.S. under the pretext of civil war in Syria and ISIS terrorism (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) have created a coalition and intervened in this country. This intervention, which tried to justify in the eyes of public opinion first, the thesis that it is directed against terrorism and the Assad regime, a tyrant, have evolved into efforts to protect the Assad regime. The US, on the one hand, wanted to divide the country, on the other hand to hold the feet of the Assad regime, and chased a Confederation.

Despite all the obstacles in Syria and support the terrorists of the people’s protection Units (YPG) and Hezbollah, in the fall of 2015, the Mujahideen, mostly Turkmen, have achieved important successes in Western Syria and began to move in the direction of Latakia, Assad’s homeland. United States, believing that this situation will disrupt their plans, at the initiative personally, Obama called on the help of Russia. Because the Assad regime, representing Syria at the UN, too, wanted to come to Russia, this situation was not considered contrary to international law. Therefore, the opinion of those who said, “Why the US presence in Syria is questioned, and Russia — not” — neglected. The result of Washington’s plan backfired, and the United States lost the initiative in Syria.

USA in panic

2016 Ankara realized that the US plans in Syria focus on the first section of this country, then Turkey, and was partly to align its strategy with Russia. The operation “Shield of the Euphrates” and the March on al-Bab became possible thanks to this agreement. Moreover, Astana is the process implemented jointly by Turkey, Russia and Iran have raised hopes for peace, which the US and its Western allies for six years could not or did not want to bring to Syria. The project “zones, de-escalate,” does he not involves the probability of closing Syrian airspace to American planes? Therefore, the Pentagon panicked.
To bring the US out of the impasse in which they find themselves, trump could only with the support of Turkey. He made a grave error in not taking advantage of this opportunity which gave him a visit of our President. Indeed, come to an end, but trump can still convince Turkey to grant more substantial concessions. Turkey, however, strongly focusing on their position, have made an extremely important move in a chess game with the United States. Now it is expected a retaliatory move by trump. But if he’s late, the ongoing process of Astana and Turkish bombs, which at any moment could fall on the heads of the YPG in Syria will put the US in even more difficult position.

The theme FETÖ

We have not seen in front of the press, the US President made any statement about FETÖ. But from the statements of the Vice-President of the Penny (Pence) and the Embassy becomes clear that trump raised on the agenda on the issue of pastor-gulenist Brunson (Brunson, detained in Turkey in December 2016 for alleged links with FETÖ — approx. lane) US. This situation suggests that the two sides discussed some concrete topics. It is possible that the United States in the near future can take some unexpected action against FETÖ.

About FETÖ to say next. One of the traditions of Western manners to hide his interventionist and hegemonic politics at the tall tales about democracy and human rights. Some who live with illusions, naively believed that trump also repeat this nonsense. So, before this summit in the major American Newspapers lobbyists FETÖ in the United States published a lengthy article full of lies, which often repeat the liberals in Turkey. Moreover, in a country where freedom of speech is bought and sold for money, insane preacher had been given the role to write an article for a major American newspaper. The U.S. President all these efforts have had zero effect. This nonsense official bodies of the USA have not taken into account.

A big success

Thus, the visit of our President is a great success for our country and the tactical, diplomatic and psychological points of view. Been adequately demonstrated our position, our value, through which we gradually obtained recognition as a global power and our own strategy. At the elections held one after the other visits of Erdogan to Russia, China and the United States, Turkey has begun to be in another dimension. In the new world — a new Turkey!